Saturday Night Live Veterans Return To Give Seth Meyers A Weekend Update Sendoff

By Kelly West 2 years ago discussion comments
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Last night's episode of Saturday Night Live marked the end of an era as it was the final episode for writer and "Weekend Update" news anchor Seth Meyers, who's destined to move from Saturday to weeknights at NBC, taking over for SNL-vet Jimmy Fallon at Late Night. To mark the occasion, there were a few returning SNLplayers there to join Meyers at the news desk last night, including his former co-anchor Amy Poehler and New York social scene expert Stefon, played by the great Bill Hader. Andy Samberg and Fred Armisen were also in attendance.

Beyond the choked-up reactions from pretty much everyone involved, which by itself made this whole segment, I loved how territorial Stefon got when "Weekend Update" newcomer Cecily Strong tried to include herself in Seth's farewell, yelling at her that she barely knows him and then at one point, hissing at her...


The episode wasn't all about Seth. Melissa McCarthy returned to host, bringing Sheila Kelly back to get caught on camera in a lot of ways...

She also plotted bloody vengeance...

And disrupted a living art exhibit...

And the band Imagine Dragons took the stage to perform their hit "Radioactive"...

NBC has the full episode available to watch at their site. While Seth Meyers will be missed at Saturday Night Live, we'll see him back on late night when he takes over Late Night starting February 24. Colin Jost will take over for Meyers at the "Weekend Update" news desk.
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