Shocking news folks, Zach has won a HoH competition. Of course, this throws everything in the house off balance, as no one really knows what Zach will do with us new mega powers. Zach’s not friends with any of the houseguests, and they have certainly been vocal about his ogreness. Aside from the game, I’d like any one of them to get their due for being complete jerks to Zach for very little reason. Then again, the dude is pretty damn weird.

Out of the houseguests who are concerned for their safety, Dick is probably at the head of the line. Big Brother showed a confrontation he had with Zach two hours before the HoH competition. Being Dick, every profanity known to the world was slung out at Zach. Which probably has not endeared Evel to the new master of the house.

From what I could tell on the feeds, the little I watched or heard about, it appeared Zach had a pretty good handle on the competition. Last night’s episode played things out like the competition was close, but Eric can’t compete and Dick is a bit older. Eric also decided to fill up the second, smaller, bowl with his tea to get a phone call from home. He was so far behind Zach that even with the small carafe of phone tea, he wouldn’t have won. Eric gave the phone call to Jessica, somehow to prove how much he likes her or something. Not the most strategic move, but at this point it appears Eric has his eyes on only one prize.

Zach’s HoH room: Awkward and boring. Aside from the sad Frisbee Zach tosses onto the bed, there wasn’t much else of note. Which was pretty much the theme of this banal episode. Eric tried making some plays at least. The first of which was to reveal that he had been the mystery votes from earlier in the season. He couldn’t tell her he was America’s Player, but he came sort of clean. That, along with the phone call he gave her with her brother, were simply plays for her affection. And can I just say that people in Kansas making and selling Jessica “Booyah!” shirts makes me remember why I fly over that state, instead of visiting.

Eric is tasked by America to get Jameka nominated, to which he goes immediately to work. His logic is sound, because for the most part Jameka is well liked by the rest of the house. So it’s no surprise that Zach would follow Eric’s advice on that one, we know how Jameka feels about Zach and he’d be one of her first targets. Although, the funny thing is these people think they’re playing a smart game. Does no one realize what a brilliant move it would be to protect Zach and take him along for the ride? He’d be the last person to get the votes of the jury.

Coming up on the nominations Dick and Daniele hatch their next master plan to eliminate one of their alliance members with clean hands. They convince Zach that they’ll both keep him safe if he nominates Eric and Jessica. Things don’t exactly according to plan, but like always it’s close enough. The pair is the most formidable force in the house, and they seriously need to be dealt with. But it looks like they’re sliding by, for now.

Amber is gone, but the crying continues. Zach ended up taking the advice of both Eric and the Danatos. He put Jameka and Jessica on the chopping block, which I guess is the best of both worlds. Eric, hoping to keep our memory of Amber alive, feels responsible for Jessica taking her first trip to the chopping block and gives the Diary Room a good cry.

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