Breaking Bad is almost over, but you know what's the best way to keep the show alive? Swag! Specifically handcrafted, lovingly made swag from the geniuses at Etsy, who are churning out Breaking Bad-themed stuff that's staggering both in its creativity and, sometimes, its weirdness. Starting with the most normal stuff and building up to some of the biggest oddities, here are the highlights, from a Gale Boetticher notebook to a Jesse Pinkman Hello Kitty with the power to give you nightmares.

Let's start with the easiest way to state your fandom: the T-shirt. But we're not going to allow you to just sport a standard shirt with the Breaking Bad logo or a Heisenberg. How about a deeper cut, like a nod to Jesse's first nickname and criminal enterprise?


Or, slightly less obscure, the logo from all the barrels of chemicals that Lydia procures for our cooks?


Of course, there are some classics that have to be recognized, and at least these Pollos Hermanos and Vamonos Pest shirts have appropriately weathered looks, as if they've been worn a few time by one of Gus's underlings or Todd on a relaxing Nazi weekend.






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