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Masters Of Sex Cancelled, Will Not Return For Season 5
After four seasons on the air, Showtime has finally decided to call it quits on Masters of Sex. Get the details!
An SNL Alum Will Play Taran Killam's Father On His New Showtime Comedy
What's better than when one former SNL star gets his own TV show? When one former Saturday Night Live star enlists the help of another former Saturday Night Live star to play his father.
Twin Peaks Revival: What We Know So Far
In one of the wildest TV decisions ever made, Showtime got behind a limited revival of the surreal murder mystery Twin Peaks, and what follows is everything we know about it. Put on a big pot of coffee or two and read on.
How Ray Donovan's Showrunner Wants To End The Series
Ray Donovan's showrunner David Hollander recently spoke out about the end of the Showtime series and how he wants to craft that ending. Here's what he had to say.
Roadies Cancelled, Season 2 Not Happening At Showtime
Sad news today for Cameron Crowe fans. Showtime has cancelled it's behind-the-scenes rock show Roadies after one season.
The Real Reason Penny Dreadful Ended, According To Showtime
Penny Dreadful had been one of Showtime's signature series since it first premiered four seasons ago. Fans particularly loved Eva Green's performance, and no one was expecting the series to go anywhere, until it did.
Homeland Just Got Huge Renewal News From Showtime
By the middle of Homeland's third season, many critics and fans had come close to writing the show off for not seeming able to move beyond the Brody-based storyline, but now the show is stronger than ever. And Showtime is rewarding it in a big way.
What SNL's Taran Killam And Jay Pharoah Are Doing Next
There have been short bursts of madness over the past few days at SNL, with featured players Taran Killam and Jay Pharoah getting dropped from the show ahead of Season 42. Don't worry about them not having anything to do, though, as we know where they're headed next.
Is The Halo TV Series Ever Happening? Here’s What Xbox’s Exec Says
It's been a LONG time since we've heard anything about the Halo TV series, leaving many to wonder if it was even still happening. This is what the Head of Xbox has to say about it.
Brendan Fraser Is Headed To TV, Because All Dreams Come True
Brendan Fraser is better known for his big screen roles over the past couple of decades, but he'll be moving to the small screen for a part that could be positively awesome.
The Big Change Homeland Season 6 Is Making For Carrie
Season 6 of Homeland is going to see a few differences for the hit show, especially for one important aspect of Carrie's life. Hit the jump to find out what's changing.
Roadies Review: Showtime's Plucky New Series Has Heart, But Sometimes Strikes The Wrong Chord
In it's wake, Showtime has its own music-oriented drama hitting the schedule, this time about the people who make the lights, the sound and all the magic happen during big concerts.
Penny Dreadful Will Not Return For Season 4
Gothic drama Penny Dreadful has been a one-of-a-kind series on Showtime for three stellar seasons. Now, we know that Season 3 has been the last, and the creator has a solid reason for bringing the end.
Jamie Foxx Is Returning To Television, Here's What We Know
Jamie Foxx started his career decades ago performing as a comedian before landing TV roles on In Living Color and The Jamie Foxx Show. After finding success in the TV medium, he successfully transitioned into feature film work, which has defined a large percentage of his career.
Homeland Could Be Around For A Long Time
If there are any sympathetic viewers out there hoping that Claire Danes’ bi-polar edge-grinder Carrie Mathison would be allowed to live in fictional peace at any point in the near future, this is most definitely not the news for you.
Daniel Craig Is Heading To TV To Play Not James Bond
Daniel Craig has proven himself a great actor over the years, and he'll surely go down as one of the most unforgettable James Bonds of the entire Bond franchise. Now, Craig is going to tackle a role that might help him become known for more than 007 in the years to come.
Homeland's Emotional Season 5 Cliffhanger Just Got Answered
Homeland fans have been waiting for the past five months to get any news at all about the aftermath of the emotional Season 5 finale, and the showrunner just offered up a bunch of info.
House Of Lies Cancelled, Will Not Return For Season 6
We've got some bad news for those of you who were looking forward to another season of Showtime's wildly popular series scripted series House Of Lies.
Happy Endings' Creator Has A New Project Destined To Be Canceled Too Soon
While the world presumably won’t get a return from Happy Endings anytime soon, fans everywhere can take comfort in knowing that creator David Caspe has another new project in the works.
A Ton Of Famous People Are Going To Be In Twin Peaks
Along with Showtime's principal photography announcement, the network revealed a slew of cast members, including a ton of names who appeared on the original series and a slew of brand new--and super famous--cast members
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