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When frightening events start to occur in their home, young couple Kelly (Ashley Greene) and Ben (Sebastian Stan) discover they are being haunted by a presence that was accidentally conjured during a university parapsychology experiment. The horrifying apparition feeds on their fear and torments them no matter where they try to run. Their last hope is an expert in the supernatural (Tom Felton), but even with his help they may already be too late to save themselves from this terrifying force...

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Black Dynamite Hits Theaters This Fall news Aug 26, 2009 Katey Rich Black Dynamite Hits Theaters This Fall Just after its premiere at Sundance, the blaxploitation spoof Black Dynamite was picked up for distribution by Sony Worldwide. Now, for reasons more complicated than it's worth explaining, Bob Berney's newly formed Apparition will be responsible for distributing the film domestically