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Hawaii Five-0 Watch: Ha'i'ole

It has been a long summer; and while the time off from school and overcrowded beaches are great, fall brings cooler weather and with it, new television. I won’t pretend to be some kind of television addict, with Hawaii Five-0 being the only show on my docket this season, but I do appreciate the routine - it’s always nice to have something to do on Monday nights. Especially now that it’s clear Hawaii Five-0 has more than improved on the efforts of its’ first season.

Charlie's Angels Is Looking For A New Charlie

A scheduling conflict with a voice actor? Can such a thing really happen? Apparently the answer is yes, as the voice of Charlie, the titular character in the new Charlie’s Angels show that will debut this fall has bowed out due to a conflict in schedule. Robert Wagner would have been a phenomenal casting choice, but now the hunt will be made for a quick fix, since I’m sure filming has already begun. Who is your top choice to replace Mr. Wagner?

Domino's, Denny's And Wendy's All At Risk Of Going Broke

We live in a backwards world where great things happen to bad people, bad things happen to good people, and where Sarah Palin is considered a legitimate presidential candidate. The greatest example of the inverse nature of our universe than the success, or lack of success found by restaurants around the world, particularly the United States.

Emma Watson Had A Crush On Potter's Tom Felton

Hermione Grang-- excuse me, Emma Watson wasn’t always a beautiful young woman; she used to rock the I-haven’t-ever-even-seen-a-brush look, was too smart for her own good and didn’t care who knew. Even now she rocks the ill-advised pixie cut and remains one of the most attractive young actresses in the business right now. Well it turns out that before she started taming that unkempt hair and gave Ron a break, she had the hots for one Draco Malfoy (Tom Felton).

Chelsea Handler Makes Fun Of Serbia; Apparently This Is A Big Deal

Serbia is a tiny country in southwest Europe that most of us couldn’t find on a map without a tour guide. They’re effectively the world’s Wyoming. We poke fun at them because as far as we’re concerned, no one lives there anyway. Chelsea Handler is finding out the “hard way” that Serbs are no laughing matter. After making a disparaging joke about the European country in regards to the god-awful Amy Winehouse concert last week(aren’t those a dime a dozen these days?) a movement has been started to boycott the C-List late-night-starlet.

Former Hillary Clinton Intern Now A Porn Star

If you were to dust off your old high school yearbook (or new, I don’t know how old you are), odds are someone inside of there did a little bit of adult acting to cover the rent one month. Such is the sort of luck that Hillary Clinton has bumped into, so to speak. It turns out that a former intern of our esteemed Secretary of State went into adult acting after the bottom dropped out of her political ambitions. Sammie Spades fell upon tough times, and instead of getting a job at a local grocery store opted for the dreamy life of an adult film star

J.K. Rowling Scooped: Pottermore Details Revealed

Between the NBA Draft, work, and a J.K. Rowling press conference, tomorrow was shaping up to be a busy day. Now a little bit of pressure can be taken away from the Rowling press conference as the woman behind the Harry Potter universe has been “scooped”

Tweet Blend: Simon Pegg On Smoking Fags, Seth MacFarlane Is Bored With War

Conan, Seth MacFarlane are prime examples of Twitter users that use Twitter just to remind everyone that they're out there. These are guys that have a show on almost every night, and an increased visibility increases the likelihood that you'll tune in to their show that night. This works because they are both genuinely funny people.

Kym Johnson Experiences Bad Fall In Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With The Stars keeps on tugging along, now in its’ twelfth season with ‘stars’ like Steelers player Hines Ward, Karate Kid legend Ralph Macchio, and Disney Channel star Chelsea Kane competing for the ‘mirror ball’ trophy. It’s not all easy and breezy dancing though, while not as dangerous as a professional hockey game, a bad fall by professional dancer Kym Johnson displayed just how close the dancers come to danger every time they step on the floor.

Hawaii Five-0 Watch: Season Finale

Tonight, Hawaii Five-0 showed how great it could be. With an emotional, character driven plot, plenty of action, a cliffhanger ending, and better than average directing, Five-0 was a cut above the rest in the finale of the first season - and it left the audience wanting more. Because the show tries to make every episode its’ own entity, the story arc of the entire show is thrown under the bus.

Nick Cannon And Mariah Carey Accused Of Drinking And Drugging At Hospital

Twelve days ago, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon welcomed twins into the world. Amidst the celebration, some jackass called Child Protective Services on the couple with allegations of drinking and drug use going on in the hospital room. Cannon went on with CNN’s Piers Morgan to clear up the confusion, chalking it up to someone overhearing a nurse suggest that Mariah drink Guiness beer because the yeast improves breast feeding.

Angelina Jolie Wears The Same Clothes Every Day

Angelina Jolie is arguably the most beautiful actress in the world. Hell, her last name is the French word for pretty, and her fashion sense is best described as elegant; even someone who pays zero attention to red carpet affairs knows that, with yours truly being exhibit A. Her rounds at the Cannes film festival with Kung Fu Panda 2 co-star Jack Black are no exception to the rule.

Hawaii Five-0 Watch: Ua Hiki Mai Kapalena Pau

The penultimate episode of the first season of Hawaii Five-0 is a metaphor for the rest of the season. The episode, while agreeable in its' own right existed solely as build up for the episodes scheduled to come after it. If the season finale is a great episode, this won't be a problem. Otherwise... okay, it won't be a problem, but it will certainly be disappointing

Lady Gaga Explains Breakdown

Lady Gaga is known for her cool, cold, and bold exterior; but inside there may be more turmoil than the average fan thinks. Following what was called a meltdown at Madison Square Garden (or as I affectionately call it, Duh MSG), Gaga initially brushed it off on the Ellen show. But is this all a publicity stunt? Hard to tell with Gaga, always.

Daniel Radcliffe Is So Done With Potter

The Boy Wizard is ready to move on from Harry Potter to, well, pretty much anything else. So when rumors started swirling that the Potter author, J.K. Rowling was working on another book, Daniel Radcliffe was alarmed. Something tells me this isn't the guy you want to show your "dark mark" tattoo to.

Hawaii Five-0 Watch: Ho'opa'i

Guest star’s on television shows are a gimmick that I don’t believe work. That being said, it does say something about the profile of the show you’re running, even if it’s not exactly an A-Lister. More important than the actor or actress in question (I see you, P. Diddy) is the story of the episode they’ll be starring in. If you expect to draw in some curious viewers, you need to put your best foot forward to make a great impression.

Hawaii Five-0 Watch: Ma Ke Kahakai

Steve McGarrett is not invincible. CBS believed it important we know this. So important that he broke his arm falling off of a small ledge within the first five minutes of Monday night’s episode. No, I don’t know why. I imagine this will have some significance within these next few episodes, but tonight McGarrett managed to punch out a guy and bring him down to the ground with one arm; so this obviously won’t be a physical issue.

Hawaii Five-0 Watch: Ne Me'e Laua Na Paio

Hawaii Five-0 is back with a vengeance as McGarrett does mental battle with his arch nemesis, Wo Fat who is slightly more imposing than his name may suggest; an opportunity to pay homage to Battlestar Galactica is wasted; Danno books 'em again; Chin is awesome; and half the Hawaii Five-0 episodes have featured a strip club.

Hawaii Five-0 Watch: Loa Aloha

The old cliche, I’m a douchebag and play one on TV has never applied to a single person as tremendously as it does to Dane Cook, Danno is the new Jack Shepherd, and Hawaii Five-0 loves cops and criminals alike. God bless America.

Hawaii Five-0 Watch: Powa Maka Moana

Hawaii Five-0 is taken hostage by, well, a hostage episode. McGarrett tries to provide comic relief, Chin stands around, Kono proves she can search the police database for the five millionth time, and Samoan pirates appear to be a tier lower than Somalian pirates. Jake also ponders his inability to have as great a spring break as rich college kids, even with the kidnapping!

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