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Hawaii Five-0 Watch: Ha'i'ole

It has been a long summer; and while the time off from school and overcrowded beaches are great, fall brings cooler weather and with it, new television. I won’t pretend to be some kind of television addict, with Hawaii Five-0 being the only show on my docket this season, but I do appreciate the routine - it’s always nice to have something to do on Monday nights. Especially now that it’s clear Hawaii Five-0 has more than improved on the efforts of its’ first season.

George Clooney Is Still With Stacy Keilber

You can all stop holding your breaths now, George Clooney is still dating Stacy Keibler. There, feel better now? In his first relationship since he ended his two year relationship with Elisabetta Canalis, it has been confirmed by Miss Keilber that the two are still an item. The speculation had reached a respectable mass when Clooney showed up to a few film festivals alone; but that’s probably because the two have only been dating for, you know, two months. God forbid a famous man tries to take things slow, right?

Jose Canseco Stiffs Manager, Is Still A Loser

Jose Canseco is, in my humble opinion, a loser. Ever since that whole “steroid debacle” his popularity has rested at a comfortably low level. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if young baseball fans don’t know who he is; and for the record, it just might be better that way. The bash brother that went from hero to zero faster than George Bush’s approval rating is now being sued for failing to pay a “manager of the stars” a $350 commission.

The Best Damn Sports Call, Period

I’ve watched more than my fair share of sports during the course of my admittedly short life. I love some broadcasters, like Ian Darke (Soccer), Vin Scully, and my hometown guys Kruk and Kuip; and others drive me crazy, like Joe Buck and Tim McCarver. And then there are these two guys, who absolutely lost their shit like I have never heard before. Seriously, I was afraid these guys were going to have a heart attack and collapse before this kid finished his run.

Russian Hockey Team Killed In Plane Crash

It has been a long, depressing off-season for the NHL. More than one player has died suddenly, and just as we were moving past those tragedies, this happens. A plane filled with Russian, German, Swedish, and former NHL hockey players crashed in Russia this morning, killing at least 43 of the 45 on board. The two survivors were members of the crew, so it seems likely that all of the players and coaches have died. This is a terribly sobering moment for fans of the sport, and those who take the safety of air travel for granted.

Flare Surfing: The Next Big Thing?

I’ve lived in California my entire life, and in my nineteen years of existence I’ve been to the beach many, many times. I don’t really care for the beach in general; in part because in northern California the beaches are covered in seaweed and the water is freezing, and in southern California the beaches are crowded and the sand is hotter than hell. I was also traumatized by Jaws as a young child. Sufficed to say, I’ve never touched a surf board, let alone set the back on fire and go tubing, or whatever it is those crunchy groovers call it.

Chris Brown Accused Of Being A Bad Neighbor

The general consensus these days is that Chris Brown is an asshole. Apparently the whole beating-up-Rihanna thing didn’t pan out for Chris the way he was hoping it would. It has reached the point where anything negative said about Brown is taken as fact because, well, nothing would surprise us anymore. But while I can’t say I’m his biggest fan, it’s important to take every celebrity story with a grain of salt, some larger than others. Especially in stories that involve “regular people” bitching and moaning about the actions of some celebrity

China Bans Some Lady Gaga, Katy Perry And Backstreet Boys Songs

The Galactic Empire of China sent out a new decree which banned several Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Backstreet Boys songs for reasons stretching from vulgarity to poor taste. They could have also nailed Gaga for being the shock-jock of pop artists, Perry for being a paint-by-numbers artist, and the Backstreet Boys for still existing. Alas, China remained vague in their reasoning, opting to offer up blanket reasoning for the songs added to their blacklist

Melissa Gilbert Files For Divorce, Goes From The Little House To The Broken Home

I have been made fun of for a great many things over the course of my short life. You could say I was an easy target without fear of a fight. I was home schooled, I’m an enthusiastic roller coaster nerd, I still build LEGOs, and I’m a goofy looking white kid. None of those things have drawn anywhere near the amount of banter as referring to The Little House On The Prairie as “Little House"

Danica Patrick Moves To NASCAR, Should She Be Taken Seriously?

Danica Patrick is a highly marketable, but by most reports a fairly unremarkable race car driver. You know who she is, sure; but hell, you probably know who Tim Tebow is too, right? To say that she’s a polarizing figure would be a massive understatement. Patrick has drawn the ire of many drivers in the Indy Car circuit, and the same will likely come from NASCAR drivers when she makes the just announced switch. She has always brushed it off as sexism - and I’m sure in some cases that’s valid.

New Vegetarian Campaign Seeks To Get More Vegan Options In Restaurants

Try as I might, I tend to have a hard time not getting annoyed with vegans and vegetarians. It might not be right, but there’s something about those morally superior, animal loving bastards that just gets on my nerves. Even the passive ones that don’t shove veganism down my throat act as a sort of cold-sore under my tongue; but hey, better that than being sent emails titled “Check this out!” that end up featuring the entrails of fallen cows spread over a chicken pen while the chickens are bled out by way of ball-point pens.

Justin Bieber Crashes Taylor Swift Concert

I could be wrong about this, but based on what I’ve seen, Justin Bieber must be one of the most liked singers in show business -- at least, liked by other celebrities. For all the hissing and hubbub that goes on between his fans and seemingly every other ‘lay person’, Bieber teams up with, parties with, and sings with pretty much anyone who will have him -- which appears to be pretty much everyone.

Kim Kardashian And Kris Humphries Sign Prenup

For most of us normal Humans, bringing up a prenup with a potential spouse is not something taken lightly or put forward with much glee. That being said, Kim Kardashian is not normal, and Kris Humphries, as a professional basketball player, may not be Human. Needless to say, it came as no surprise to me that the two finalized a prenup earlier this week, protecting their respective assets in case of a falling out later in life.

Stream The Red Hot Chili Peppers' New Album On iTunes

When Stadium Arcadium came out in 2006, I didn’t listen to music. I didn’t even know who the Red Hot Chili Peppers were until “Higher Ground” was used as an overlay for Space Mountain at Disneyland in 2007 -- and that’s not even originally a Chili Peppers song. However, somewhere in that five year gap I discovered the band that everyone else and their dad, and their dad’s dad already knew kicked serious ass.

Miranda Cosgrove Breaks Ankle On Tour Bus

When I was a kid, the undeniably coolest part of riding on a bus was getting to sit without a seatbelt. That and using a bathroom in a freaking car; how cool is that? I did always wonder what would happen if the bus were to get hit by another car, or worse, a T-Rex like in the second Jurassic Park film; but the only time I’ve been in a bus is during a trip to summer camp. Still, Miranda Cosgrove has now found out just what a bummer riding in a bus can be.

Ray Guy Forced To Sell Super Bowl Rings

A story told all too often is that of the financial woes of a former NFL player. It happens more often than most realize, and far more often than the NFL cares to admit. Still, when you hand a relatively poor guy millions of dollars, some over-spending is almost bound to happen. Hell, even John Elway and Jerry Rice work now; and I’m sure they made enough in their playing career to comfortably retire.

Anne Hathaway Wants To Keep Her Private Life Private

There are basically two schools of thoughts from celebrities when it comes to their private life. One extreme features Kim Kardashian and those comfortable enough with themselves and their lives to have them broadcasted on national television once a week. The other extreme has people like Anne Hathaway, that are so deliberately private it gets annoying after about two interviews. If you want to keep your private life private, just don’t talk about it; you just look like a tool otherwise.

Hacking Group Threatens To Destroy Facebook

Hackers occupy a weird role in today’s society; looked at occasionally as heroes, and often as villains, their smarts are only enhanced by their “I just don’t give a damn” attitude. And while not every hacker is Neo, or that girl Lex from Jurassic Park, they are a breed of person that captivates the mind because of their mastery of electronic devices. They also possess the ability to instill fear and hatred, as we all witnessed when a hacker group stole a slew of personal information from Sony because one of their buddies got banned.

Lady Gaga Among Celebrities To Friend Africa

There really isn’t a ‘bright side’ to living an impoverished life in East Africa, but I suppose if there was, it would be that you get lots of attention from Hollywood every once in a while. What? That doesn’t lift the spirits of the starving men, women, and children of Africa? Seriously, if a hefty donation of food and water once a year from Lady Gaga doesn’t do it for you, I just don’t know what will. ...

Jorge Posada Benched, Like Being Dumped While On Vacation

Picture this, you’re leaving on vacation with your significant other next week, but you’re getting the feeling that he/she wants to break up. The plane tickets and hotel rooms have already been paid for, so you know they’ll wait until after the trip to do the deed. You’re now left in some sort of limbo-like state because you can’t say anything just in case you’re wrong, and even if you’re right, that makes for one awkward vacation. Such is the life of Jorge Posada

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