Nick Cannon And Mariah Carey Accused Of Drinking And Drugging At Hospital

Twelve days ago, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon welcomed twins into the world. Amidst the celebration, some jackass called Child Protective Services on the couple with allegations of drinking and drug use going on in the hospital room. Cannon went on with CNN’s Piers Morgan to clear up the confusion, chalking it up to someone overhearing a nurse suggest that Mariah drink Guiness beer because the yeast improves breast feeding.

What really surprises me is that CPS showed up to a hospital, one of the most controlled places in the world, to make sure a couple of typically well behaved celebrities weren't doing coke lines after giving birth to their first children. Seriously, hospitals often check bags to make sure visitors don’t bring McDonalds into patient’s rooms; so this really seems like a few bored a-holes over at CPS wanted to meet Carey and Cannon instead of actually doing their jobs.

Who knows, though; perhaps Carey and Cannon were having a crazy binge with the midwives and doctors while their babies slept in the room next door. What happens in hospitals, stays in hospitals, right?