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TV Recap: Gossip Girl - The Goodbye Gossip Girl (Season Finale)

I don't know about all of you, but I don't really care who Gossip Girl is. I don't look at her as a real person at all-- just a plot device. So the fact that they spent half of the finale searching for Gossip Girl and making the audience think we would find out her true identity, only to say “nope, ha ha! Sorry, suckers!” was pointless and annoying.

TV Recap: Gossip Girl - Valley Girls

Even though the pilot is rumored to be DOA, I have three reasons it needs to happen (well, four, if you count the fact that other than Gossip Girl, CW doesn’t have a whole lot going for it next season): 1. Neptune’s Net 2. Gia Goodman and 3. Dick (I’ve never been a reason for anything except a thorough STD test) Casablancas.

TV Recap: Gossip Girl - The Wrath Of Con

Whether it was guilt over the loss of the Bible money or just being played for a fool, something drove Georgina back over to the dark side. She took the wheel back from Jesus and went after Poppy herself.

TV Recap: Gossip Girl - Southern Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

She not only tells Dan about tapping that Bass, but also alerts him to the fact that the real estate market ain’t what it used to be, and as a result, people are not clamoring to buy art galleries/coffee shops that are supposed to be located in Williamsburg but are actually in DUMBO...

TV Recap: Gossip Girl - Seder Anything

Asking Blair Waldorf not to scheme is like asking Chuck not to be creepy, or Dan not to be whiny, or Jenny not to wear a pound of eyeliner, or Serena to stop brushing her hair as an outward sign of her inward turmoil and rebellion. Point is, these people are who they are and there's no changing it.

Everybody Freak Out: The State Finally Has An Official Release Date

The day we've been waiting for for, have been teased about, and upon which many of us have given up hope of actually seeing, is finally here.

TV Recap: Friday Night Lights - Tomorrow's Blues

Eric tells Joe that he's sure he knows what he can do with this “opportunity,” and storms out, barely suppressing the urge to brutally murder the man. It's a great scene, and Eric awesomely storms out of the mansion. Unfortunately, that's when we see it: Eric is wearing shorts. You guys, you know how much I love Eric and how much of a badass I think he is, but the fact remains you cannot take a man seriously when you can see his kneecaps.

Interview: FNL's Stacey Oristano

I think that they developed Tyra from this bad girl to this girl who really craved and longed for something bigger than the town. The really good thing that they decided to do was to look to her mom and her sister to realize what she doesn't want to become and what she doesn't want to be, […] so our job as supporting characters and supporting actors is to be these people that she doesn't want to be, which could be awful, but we think it's so much fun. We love it.

TV Recap: Friday Night Lights - Underdogs

Things are still going well between Matt and Julie, but now that Matt has decided he wants to be an artist, which is it just me, or did this whole thing come completely out of the blue? FNL's seasons have been so spaced out that it's difficult for me to remember specifically, but I honestly don't recall anything about Matt being an artist before his mom mentioned art school an episode or two ago.

TV Recap: Gossip Girl - Remains Of The J

Nate ends his relationship with Vanessa with a very smug, “I don't think you're going to like what I'm going to say,” which just makes me want to smack those freakishly well-groomed eyebrows right off his face. It also makes Vanessa's upcoming revenge, which is already awesome, that much more amazing.

TV Recap: Friday Night Lights - A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall

Okay, I now think Eric Taylor is just messing with me. All I ask for is Angry Eric Taylor. I just want to see him kick some ass, yet despite myriad opportunities that include a rodeo clown going after Tyra, finding Matt and Julie in bed together, and now Joe McCoy beating the crap out of J.D. In the Applebee's parking lot, he has managed to restrain himself. It's like Riggins' sudden refusal to take off his shirt: it's just wrong.

TV Recap: Gossip Girl - The Grandfather

It's season one of Gossip Girl all over again! This entire episode revolved around Nate and Blair, although the difference is that the action kept them apart (well, mostly anyway). Blair set forth on a rather impressive downward spiral, while Nate found himself on an upward one. Interestingly enough, they seem to have met in the middle.

TV Recap: Friday Night Lights - The Giving Tree

Eric knocks, walks in, and while the camera stays far away outside, you hear Julie scream at him to get out, and then Eric speed walks back to his car, with his head to the ground. He doesn't say a word to Julie (who is the fastest dresser in history), but the moment where he has an internal debate about whether or not to unlock the door and let her in is wonderful.

TV Recap: Gossip Girl - The Age Of Dissonance

I don't remember ever watching an episode of Gossip Girl in which the characters were so universally annoying; I felt like I was watching 90210 or something. It's school play time at Constance, and of course it's nothing like any school play you've ever been in.

TV Recap: Friday Night Lights - Game Of The Week

Tim gets back from his tearful goodbye with Jason in New York, only to find his truck crashed into a tree on his lawn. He walks inside only to find Billy passed out on the couch surrounded by piles of booze bottles and a life-sized cardboard cutout of a woman, while wearing a disturbing lack of clothing. Seriously. For the first time in my life, I regretted having a big HD TV. I saw things no one should have to.

TV Recap: Friday Night Lights - New York, New York

She was at the school, all ready for her admissions interview, when Cash calls. She first tells the interviewer to hold on so she can take the call, and then decides that it's the appropriate time to ask Cash if he's going to be faithful to her while he's on the road for the next six months. To his credit, he doesn't lie and say yes, instead, telling her that there are going to be a “lot of cold nights.” He's a skeeze, but at least he's honest.

TV Recap: Friday Night Lights - Keeping Up Appearances

Even though it's JD's big day, his dad is trying to make it all about him and his football legacy. While we don't actually find out that he beats JD, if that comes as a reveal in another episode or two, I don't think anyone is going to be that surprised. At the very least, he's one of those horribly annoying sports parents who show up at practices and outside the locker room during the games just so they can let their kid know how much he's screwing up.

TV Recap: Gossip Girl - Carnal Knowledge

It turns out that Chuck’s invitation wasn’t exactly meant for him: it was meant for his father. Elle, the worst nanny in the world, apparently snuck out of Greenwich, where she was supposed to be looking after some children, and hosted this sex party. Once she realized that Chuck was the wrong Mr. Bass, she drugged and dumped him so he wouldn’t remember anything about their nearly magical night.

TV Recap: Friday Night Lights - How The Other Half Lives

While Julie is having a nice night, she’s the only Taylor who is. Since this is Dillon, Texas, nobody remembers that the Panthers always lose to that team; that not even Jason Street ever won against them. The fact that Matt led his team and they came so close to winning should be celebrated, but predictably, Coach Taylor comes home to a lawn filled with “For Sale” signs. You stay classy, Dillon.

TV Recap: Friday Night Lights - Tami Knows Best

The Applebees celebration brings up another important fact of this episode: The entire town kind of hates Tami right now. So the whole, “our school is failing; our kids can’t pass tests, we have no air-conditioning, and hell, we don’t even have chalk, so the money that you so helpfully earmarked for a freakin’ Jumbo-tron can probably be better used elsewhere” thing did not exactly go over well. Big surprise.

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