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Netflix New Releases: Movies And TV Shows Coming To Netflix Streaming In December

Netflix is ready for December, as they've just unloaded their programming slate for the closing month of 2017. Read on to see what's new and what's returning for your holiday viewing purposes.

Why Penny Johnson Jerald Knew That Season 2 Of The Orville Was Inevitable

Sometimes, you just know a show is going to make it past that first season hurdle. Penny Johnson Jerald knew it when she signed on for The Orville, and now you can read why.

How You Can Get Your Own Home Alone 2 Hotel Experience

If you've ever wanted to live like a 90s kid on an accidental vacation away from your family, your oddly specific wish is about to come true. Find out how you can experience Home Alone 2 for yourself, inside.

Watch Everything Wrong With The Dark Tower In This Very Specific Video

How much did The Dark Tower get wrong? One video tries to answer that question, and you can watch it yourself, inside.

2018 3D Movie Schedule: The Full List Of Titles And Release Dates

Looking forward to another year of 3D spectacle in 2018? Then you're ready to take a look at our rundown of what's reaching out beyond the window, and into your personal space, inside.

We Still Can't Get Enough Of These Deadpool 2 Thanksgiving Shots

Finding it hard to get into the Thansgiving spirit? Let Deadpool 2 soften you up for some holiday goodness, with yet another fantastically festive image.

Watch Batman Forever Get Ripped Apart In New Honest Trailer

If you've been harboring some bad feelings against Batman Forever, then you'll probably love the Honest Trailer that takes aim against it. But be prepared to potentially make up with that film, inside.

What Rian Johnson's New Star Wars Trilogy Should Be About

With Rian Johnson set to direct a new trilogy of Star Wars films outside of the Skywalker Saga, the question is: what should they be about? Read on to see where we think these new films should go.

Daddy's Home 2 Review

Daddy's Home 2 is as much of a mean-spirited, emasculating, uneven celebration of both the alpha and beta male stereotypes as Daddy's Home was before it. They just decided to dress it in an ugly Christmas sweater this time out.

12 Film Detectives You Need To Call When There's A Murder

In need of a detective to solve a murder most foul? Check out this list of respectable sleuths who'll take your case without a moment's hesitation.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri Review

It's the dark comedy that this awards season really needs, in a time and place that can truly understand it.

The Film Director Rob Reiner Is Most Proud Of Making

Out of all of the film's in Rob Reiner's career as a director, one ranks over all as his favorite.

The Real Reason Michelle Pfeiffer Stopped Acting In Hollywood

For a little while, Michelle Pfeiffer seemed to have disappeared from Hollywood, only to recently resurface for some specific reasons.

What Tone Justice League Is Going For, According To Henry Cavill

Should we be laughing, crying, or brooding when it comes to Justice League? Well, Henry Cavill has some remarks on just what the film is trying to do.

That Time Bruce Willis Negotiated Fridays Off During The Fifth Element

Believe it or not, Bruce Willis snagged the privilege of having Fridays off during the filming of The Fifth Element. Find out how, inside.

Why The MCU Hasn’t Brought In The Leader, According To Kevin Feige

Out of all the villains in the MCU, how has The Leader never come back into play after The Incredible Hulk? Kevin Feige has a very specific reason for why it hasn't happened.

How The Orville's Penny Johnson Jerald Feels About Competing With Star Trek: Discovery

CinemaBlend spoke with The Orville's Penny Johnson Jerald about her show and Star Trek: Discovery both airing their freshman seasons at the same time. Read on for what she had to say!

How Jessica Chastain Feels About Potentially Appearing In IT 2

We've been thinking about IT. You've been thinking about IT. Read on to find out what Jessica Chastain thinks about being a part of IT 2.

A Rejected Script For The Crow 2 Sounds Amazing, Also Similar To A Tarantino Movie

The original sequel for The Crow actually had a script by the comic's creator, and it sounds like it would have been absolutely amazing.

The Wild Reason Jason Keeps Coming Back To Life In Friday The 13th, According To One Director

Jason Voorhees is one of the most unstoppable monsters in horror movie history, and up until now we've never known why. Read on to see the wild reason that that Voorhees boy just won't die.

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