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Video | Ford v Ferrari Review

Here's why you seriously need to see this one in theaters.

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Video | Daniel Kaluuya Interview: Actor Talks Black Panther 2, The Oscars And Queen & Slim

Listen to Daniel Kaluuya weigh in on the Marvel/Scorsese drama and more this clip from our ReelBlend podcast.

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Video | The Irishman Is Better Than Goodfellas

It stands shoulder to shoulder with The Godfather and The Godfather Part II.

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ReelBlend #92: Our Favorite 1990s Movies And Our Bill Condon Interview
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Marriage Story Review: A Broken Relationship But Two Of The Year's Best Performances

Noah Baumbach’s Marriage Story is every bit the equal to Kramer vs. Kramer, which is the highest compliment I can pay it.

Deleted Justice League Scene Shows Cyborg Defending S.T.A.R. Labs From An Attack

More details about the Snyder Cut of Justice League have emerged.

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Video | The Mandalorian Reaction: Chapter 1

Join Sean as he watches "Chapter 1" of The Mandalorian for the very first time.

Zack Snyder Shows The Flash Traveling Through Time In New Justice League Snyder Cut Photo

There has been so much activity, is the Snyder Cut actually going to be released?

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New Sonic The Hedgehog Trailer Redesigns Sonic And It's So Much Better

It's about time we finally see Sonic the Hedgehog's new movie look.

Why This Could Be A Huge Week For Justice League's Release The Snyder Cut Movement

There's a huge anniversary coming, and the group is more than ready.

Doctor Sleep: How Different Was The Movie From Stephen King's Book?

Did you read the novel? See the movie? There were some major changes, and we break them all down here.

Video | Doctor Sleep Ending: How It Drastically Changes The Book’s Finale

The ending of Mike Flanagan’s Stephen King adaptation drastically changes the book’s finale. Here's our breakdown.

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ReelBlend #91: Daniel Kaluuya Talks Black Panther, Get Out And Queen And Slim
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Full Bad Boys For Life Trailer Is Everything Fans Want It To Be

This sequel, so far, looks very, very good!

Video | House Of The Dragon: What We Know So Far

Here's everything we know about the upcoming Game of Thrones prequel.

Video | Robert Eggers Interview: Director Talks The Lighthouse

'The Lighthouse' writer/director Robert Eggers discusses why Robert Pattinson's Batman could be great for indie cinema, why 'The Lighthouse' HAD to be done on black and white film, the incredibly old lenses they used for production, and yes...Willem Dafoe's farts.

ReelBlend #90 - Our Interview With Terminator: Dark Fate Director Tim Miller

We'll be back! Well, not us. Arnold and Linda. Oh, just listen to the podcast.

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Surprise, Jesse Eisenberg Hasn’t Heard Of The Snyder Cut

But does that mean it exists? Or doesn't exist?

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Video | Jay and Silent Bob Reboot Review: Why It’s Kevin Smith’s Best Film

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot is the movie Kevin Smith has been building to his entire career.

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ReelBlend #89: Our Interview With Edward Norton

Getting to the heart of the upcoming New York film noir.

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