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Dan Harmon's Harmontown Podcast Is So Brilliant It Has Its Own Documentary

Dan Harmon was once the showrunner and creator of Community, one of television’s greatest comedies, then he got fired. The show turned to mediocrity, a shadow version of itself, and before NBC rehired him to take back the reigns of his creation Dan Harmon had nothing better to do than start doing a weekly podcast from the Nerdmelt Theater in the back of Meltdown Comics.

Watch Seth Rogen's Heartwarming And Funny Plea To The Senate On Behalf Of Alzheimer's Research

Seth Rogen is a stoner, and a lazy guy, and a no-good man child. Or, he’s a deft entertainment businessman who knows how to market and sell his image to a wide audience. Either way, he’s using his celebrity to journey to the U.S. Capital and speak on behalf of Alzheimer’s Research at a Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor, Health, and Human Services hearing on the subject.

Reaction GIFs Requested For Museum Of The Moving Image Exhibit

The reaction GIF phenomenon has become a part of daily internet conversation. More than mere memes, many are a part of common everyday discussions. They are so pervasive on Reddit, that the Museum of the Moving Image in NYC has selected the online community at Reddit to curate an exhibit of the most iconic reaction GIFs. He’s looking to get the best of the best, but more than that he’s looking for those GIFs that are now a part of the culture.

Hear Guns N Roses' Sweet Child O Mine Covered As A 1920s-Era New Orleans Jazz Number

The main problem with Guns N Roses over the last two decades is that Axl is a douche, and they do nothing relevant. For a band with a frontman who is still, despite his asshole tendencies, one of the best rock vocalists in history, it’s sad that they can’t even maintain the tenuous relevance of a band like Kiss. The only thing left to do is take some of rock’s greatest songs, by one of the greatest bands, and make it new again.

Watch This Pharrell Mashup Of Get Lucky And Happy By Pomplamoose, Shot In One Incredible Take

If you’re not familiar with the musical team of Pomplamoose, it’s time for education. The duo consists of singer Nataly Dawn and multi-instrumentalist Jack Conte. The husband and wife team formed way back in 2008, and established an early cult following on Youtube. Since garnering tons of fans, selling mashups and singles online, the couple has been signed to a label and seen their popularity soar.

John Green Shares 18 Novels That Were Not Bestsellers, But That You Should Read

You may not realize this, but there are other others out there working day to day to provide us with entertainment. Not everyone is a Stephen King or Nicholas Sparks, with mega bestselling status. There are lots of uncelebrated novels out there, and author John Green is here to tell you about some of his favorites.

Podcap: The Alton Browncast - Donatella Arpaia

Welcome to Podcap, where I take you through some of the best podcasts the fake internet radio airwaves have to offer. Each week we’ll all journey through a new show, exploring its history and quirks, along with what that week’s episode had to offer the universe. This week we visit with Food television pioneer, Alton Brown, in The Alton Browncast.

Ellen Page Comes Out As Gay At The Human Rights Campaign's Time to THRIVE Conference

At the Time to THRIVE conference held by the Human Rights Campaign on Valentines Day this year, actress Ellen Page came out as gay. The actress came on stage for her speech and let the audience know that the time had come to move away from the “lying by omission,” and alleviate the suffering she caused herself and those she cared about.

De La Soul Making Entire Catalog Free For Download

As a young lad I was introduced to the world of hip-hop via groups like Run D.M.C., Public Enemy, and De La Soul. Of course the tides would change and we’d all fall in love with the Wu-Tang Clan, Outkast, and N.W.A. At the time songs like “Itsoweezee” were revolutionary and daring. Now all these years later, the music of De La Soul holds up, and to honor their own catalog the group is making all of t

Star Wars Story Told In The Coruscant Tapestry, Available To Buy

We’re all eagerly anticipating Star Wars: Episode VII. Every bit of news from J.J. Abrams’ lips is leaped upon and analyzed by the most die hard geeks out there. But sometimes, we just want to wallow in the glory of being the ultimate Star Wars fan.

Netflix Using Amazon's Cloud To Explore Artificial Intelligence Movie Recommendations

There’s a trend with the online giants like Google and Facebook, to create algorithms that resemble the way a human brain works in order to better serve up search queries or photo tagging. Netflix is also getting involved, but in a different way. The streaming movie service has always done a better than average job of recommending films and shows to users based on their habits.

It's A Snow Day! How Schools Make The Decision To Close

This winter has been far more grueling than the ones in the recent past. More snow storms, and certainly more stretches of deep freeze, have made the decision of opening or closing school a problem. Despite kids, and often parents, thinking snow days are arbitrarily decided and take away a day of schooling, the truth is far different.

Podcap: The Joe Rogan Experience: 448 - Tom Segura

Welcome to Podcap, where I take you through some of the best podcasts the fake internet radio airwaves have to offer. Each week we’ll all journey through a new show, exploring its history and quirks, along with what that week’s episode had to offer the universe. This week we visit with comedy’s police captain, Joe Rogan, in The Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

SETI Claims We'll Find Extraterrestrial Intelligent Life By 2040

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) has been working to find intelligent life on an exoplanet somewhere in the universe. In a talk during the 2014 NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts symposium at Stanford University, Seth Shostak claimed that such a discovery is expected to be made by 2040.

Danish Zoo Euthanizes Giraffe, Performs Autopsy For School Children

The Copenhagen Zoo killed one of its giraffes, a “surplus” as they called the creature, and fed it to the lions. Aside from forcing what happens in nature, there isn’t anything spectacularly weird about this decision. The zoo maintains that just because the giraffe, named Marius, was a big cuddly looking animal doesn’t mean it’s not still just an animal that otherwise would have been eaten out in the wild.

Gay Google Olympic Doodle Takes Stand Against Russia's Homophobic Attitude

Today is the official beginning of the Olympics in Sochi, with the Opening Ceremony happening a little after some events have already began. But it’s Google making the impact today as it publicly condemns the unconscionable homophobic actions of host nation Russia. The current “Google Doodle” depicts a number of winter Olympic sports within a rainbow, a symbol of LGBT support.

Apple Removes The Blockchain Bitcoin App From Online Store

Apple has taken down the most popular bitcoin wallet app from its App Store. In a move that has some questioning motive, the company has removed Blockchain from the store. Although you can still use the app on your iOS devices, you won’t be able to get updates. No reason was given for the takedown, according to Blockchain CEO Nicolas Cary.

Two And A Half Men Star Ashton Kutcher Is Tired Of Charlie Sheen Attacking Him On Twitter

It’s been three years since Ashton Kutcher took over as the lead on Two and a Half Men, the show that Chuck Lorre created and remade Charlie Sheen’s stardom. Since that time Sheen has apparently berated Kutcher via twitter incessantly, and now Kutcher has made an official public plea with Sheen on Jimmy Kimmel Live Wednesday night

Scientists Analyze The Inside Of An Asteroid For The First Time

Do you know what’s inside of an asteroid? Probably some rock things, would be my best guess. For the first time scientists have analysis of the interior of an asteroid, the peanut shaped Itokawa to be precise. It’s been discovered that the space rock is composed of varying layers of density

The Bill Nye Vs Ken Ham Evolution And Creation Debate: Where The Science Guy Went Wrong

So many people in the scientific community, especially those who are in the public eye as ambassadors, have given up on debating creationists. They claim it’s a fruitless endeavor, with no way to win, because creationists have a fundamental misunderstanding of what is a scientific fact.

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