Watch President Obama's Hysterical Appearance On Between Two Ferns

Not since Chris Farley has there been as awkward of an interviewer as Zach Galifianakis in Funny or Die’s Between Two Ferns. An interview show that literally takes place with Zach and his guest sitting between two ferns as the comedian asks pointed and often taboo questions. The latest show has Galifianakis interviewing the President of the United States, Barack Obama. The results are weird, insane, and awesome.

[[ br. br ]] The banter between the two is impeccable. Much of that goes to the editing style where awkward pauses, some of them appearing to be forced in via the edit, reign supreme. Still when Zach asks Obama, “What’s it like to be the last black President?” You cringe, you laugh, and then you wait for the response. But Obama’s riposte doesn’t come directly after that.

Instead in answering a different question the leader of the free world says of getting a third term:

[[ br. br ]] “It’d be sorta like doing a third Hangover movie. Didn’t work out very well, did it?”

[[ br. br ]]

Now to the why of Obama’s appearance on an internet comedy interview show full of awkwardness. The Obama administration has taken to social media and new media in general to try and spin the Affordable Care Act fiasco into a positive. Pointing out that more people are being covered that were not, and that the system is working. But you have to love Zach’s question of why would you use the guy who designed the Zune to make such an important website. Is Obamacare working? Sure, I guess it is, but the problem is that it’s not really enough. I’m torn on how I feel since Obamacare has led to this amazing episode of Between Two Ferns, and isn’t laughter the best medicine? It sure beats being able to get a yearly physical.

Steve West

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.