Next week is the midseason finale of The Walking Dead, which means that the setup episode this week is full of maneuvering of pieces. By the end of the hour everyone’s in place for the big showdown that’ll leave us hanging until 2013. It could have been a boring episode, and there really wasn’t much going on. But true to The Walking Dead’s modus operandi we saw some outrageous character development. Including a Governor who went rapey, but held back on the horrific exploits seen in the comics. I think this Governor gives me the willies far more than the violent sociopath in the comics, akin to The Warden in Shawshank Redemption.

Michonne has finally met up with the prison team, carrying along the baby formula Glenn and Maggie left behind last week when they went on an adventure with Merle. It was interesting to watch Michonne swing and slash her sword at the walkers who swarmed around, only to be unable to continue on. Carl and Rick rescued her, a state of survival the woman is not used to.

Revived by Rick in a cell, Michonne is asked who she is and how she found the prison. There have been hints about how important it is that people who know about the prison can’t be allowed free, otherwise the safety of the group is put at risk. It’s at the heart of this season, and while I’ve noticed these moments I wonder how important viewers perceive the prison. It’s a defensible position that would be coveted by any group of survivors.

”Pretty boy, charming. Jim Jones type.” – Michonne

Michonne watches closely as Daryl shows Rick a still alive Carol, who apparently passed out in a closed cell. Here’s this world of despair and disrepair, so different from the trim and tidy Woodbury, but the genuine sorrow Carol feels and shows when she realizes Lori has died hints at the goodness within the prison walls. Life sucks, but humanity continues on.

Now a little more trusting Michonne reveals that Glenn and Maggie were taken to a nearby town, and that she might be able to get them in. As Rick, Daryl, and Oscar prepare to embark on a rescue mission Rick takes Carl aside. They decide to rename the baby Judith, but I still think AssKicker is a better name.

Michonne leads the three men, and when they’re near Woodbury they get out of the vehicle to sneak up to the gates. Unfortunately a swarm of walkers show up, giving us one of the few zombie action sequences of the episode. The group retreats to a cabin, where they find the owner under the covers in bed hiding. Perhaps the gentleman was under the impression that kids have it right, blankets are boogie man deflectors. The group approaches the perimeter of Woodbury, and now the battle is ready to begin.

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