The first season of Jericho hit DVD this week but you’d never know it looking around. Considering all the fuss that surrounded the series a couple of months ago, I would have expected parades, national news coverage, and a hard press by CBS that included banner ads during all of their shows, every other commercial spot, and integration into their other programming (“Hey, I know we’re always sitting around a bar and chatting but did any of you get a chance to check out season one of Jericho? It’s Legendary!). Instead, word surrounding the release is as quiet as if it really was isolated from the rest of the world.

Is this a bad sign for the series? Is this the Jericho equivalent of the Browncoats getting a movie spin-off from “Firefly” and then not showing up in theaters to make its box-office sales soar? When the DVD sales information for this week gets released, will Jericho show up there, or has the show’s drama already peaked out with the attempted revival of the series? I can’t help but wonder if there’s a reason there’s no official evidence lying around of when season two will be broadcast: CBS saw this coming, will take note of Jericho’s sales, and can the series again before they spend another dime.

Jericho fans: it’s not enough to make your voice heard just to save the series. If you really want to save your show, you have to support it every step of the way. Put away those VHS and DVR copies of the episodes and go pick up the DVD. Start chatting it up more and make sure people like me, who missed the show’s first run and have been awaiting the chance to see it on DVD, know that the chance is finally out there. Support it, or stop shedding tears when studios don’t think anyone is watching.

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