Disney Announces The BD Live Network

If you’re looking for that next innovation for home theaters, Disney is working on it. They’ve announced a new feature for upcoming Disney Blu-ray releases, titled the “Disney BD Live Network,” which will be available on all Disney Blu-ray titles starting with October17th’s Sleeping Beauty. The BD Live Network will let you watch movies with your friends without having to invite them over.

Using the networking capabilities of Blu-ray players, the BD Live Network will let friends sync up their players and watch a film in real time together, provided each person owns a copy of the movie to play from their respective locations. An on-screen chatroom lets the viewers comment on how pretty Sleeping Beauty’s dress is, or how exciting the hunt for little Nemo is, or, as MTV Movies Blog speculates, how hot Zac Efron is in that inevitable “Slumber Party” edition of High School Musical on Blu-ray.

This isn’t the first time something like this has been offered on high definition, but the idea that Disney is going to make this a regular feature of their releases is pretty interesting. Just think – now you don’t have to suffer the screaming of a slumber party to let your son or daughter watch Disney movies with their friend. Personally, I can’t say I’d use this feature all that much, but it’s an interesting option to have.