Beatle legend John Lennon was recently invoked on film in a movie created through a conglomeration of funding, including Brit lottery money, and then harvested out to Americans by the Weinstein Company. The film, called Nowhere Boy, apparently came together from a complicated process of pooling from many somewheres. I guess it shouldn’t be surprising that anything concerning John Lennon would be complicated.

Here are some more interesting complications: the film won’t be available in the U.S., via Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, until January 25, 2011. But if you are super excited/ super into European shit, you can buy the U.K. version of the Blu-Ray now, and have it shipped to you.

Special features for the future release will include deleted scenes, "The Making of Nowhere Boy," and "Nowhere Boy: The Untold Story of John Lennon and the Creation of The Beatles." Here’s to hoping this last documentary is as Yoko-free as the accompanying feature film.

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