The rumor started at the end of January that the forthcoming Tron: Legacy Blu-Ray might not just include a sharp transfer of the film and a ton of extras, but a teaser trailer for Tron 3-- yes, a teaser trailer for a film that technically doesn't even exist yet. If it seemed like a far-fetched rumor to you, you were right on-- according to Collider that trailer does not exist. You know what does exist, though? The Tron Blu-Ray set and pictures of it, debuting on Amazon and for you to see down below too.

There's still no confirmed release date, but we do know that the original Tron will also be resurfacing on Blu-Ray as part of the five-disc combo package. Also included, according to Collider, will be some new scenes filmed specifically for the home video release, including another appearance from Bruce Boxleitner as Tron, and a scene between the original film's villain David Warner and Cillian Murphy, briefly glimpsed in Tron: Legacy as the character's son. It sounds like a lot of the extra scenes exist to fill in some gaps for the diehard Tron fans, but then, who else do you expect to buy the five-disc set?

Check out some more images of the box art below, and head over to Amazon to pre-order your copy. The Tron: Legacy set will be on shelves… well, eventually. We'll let you know when a date is confirmed.

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