Given that 3D TVs are still an expensive curiosity when it comes to most households, it might seem to be jumping the gun to make plans for streaming HD 3D content, but Verizon and Panasonic have set their sights on just that goal. The Hollywood Reporter has brought word that the companies recently offering a tech demo showing the viability of streaming 3D content in full 1080p high definition. The demo used Verizon's FiOS service to stream HD 3D content to a Panasonic Blu-ray player at 18Mbps.

Sounds great in theory, but still a long way from practical given that most people don't have a broadband connection that could measure up. Even Verizon and Panasonic must realize this is a long-term goal, since there's not even a theoretical timetable for introducing this kind of thing. Still, it's nice to dream.

If you ask me, they should worry less about streaming 3D content and more about building a 3D TV that doesn't require me to wear welder's goggles over my normal glasses. Or hell, skip that step entirely and get me a holodeck already. I've got a date with holographic Anne Hathaway. To, uh, play chess with her.

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