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Electronic Arts is one of the biggest publishers in the gaming industry. They're second, in fact, behind Activision (due to the company's cash generator that is Call of Duty). Because of EA's success, however, free-to-play games developer Nexon has reportedly registered an interest in a potential buyout of the firm.

The South Korean company, who developed the smash hit MMO Maple Story, has apparently contacted Electronic Arts regarding a takeover bid. Bloomberg broke the story after an initial appearance within a South Korean newspaper.

The site states they don't have any idea as to how EA may have responded to the offer, while a spokesperson for the firm telling Eurogamer that their "only comment on this is that we don't comment on rumors or speculation about our business".

Nexon are an extremely profitable company. While EA does accumulate a more substantial revenue amount in the multi billions range, the former has started to make over a billion dollars in gross revenue. The South Korean developer generates the bulk of its profits via micro-transactions, which is the method for players to purchase virtual goods in their MMOs.

The company's healthy business model was also evidenced when it went public on the Tokyo Stock Exchange last year during December. Its initial public offering made the company have the largest IPO in Japan, in addition to the second largest IPO by a technological company worldwide during 2011.

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