2005 was the year that gaming forgot... well, not really. Actually, 2005 was the year that had a ton of really awesome games that a lot of you probably don't remember. In fact, some of the games from 2005 go down as some of the best titles of all time. You probably think I'm joking but I'm not. 2005 really did have some awesome games released all through the year (except for maybe the summer, because publishers hate the summer).

The year promised great things as it was the first time that the Xbox 360 made its way onto the market; there were quite a few new IPs that came out, and the sequels that year were actually pretty good. Let's not waste anymore time. It's time to see if you can guess these 11 games with just a few hints about the gameplay and mechanics, as well as the release date and platform. Let's see how well you do.

Round #1

Release Date: November, 2005
Platform[s]: Xbox 360
Game hints: This game was as famous for its potential as it was its flaws. It starred a character who some felt could go on to become an iconic, household name, but it all fell through. There was quite a bit of hype for this title leading up to its release, but poor execution, tons of game-breaking and funny bugs that would give Ubisoft a run for their money, as well as poorly executed gameplay caused this first-person shooter to go down in history as a pretty big flop. Without giving too much away, this game was actually a sequel to a popular title and that was the reason there was a lot of hype for it. Any idea what game this could be?

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