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While Resident Evil 7: Biohazard made its VR debut during E3 2016 this week, Capcom also put out an exclusive demo on PlayStation 4 for those who weren't fortunate enough to try the VR demo at E3. And while it's called Resident Evil 7, it feels nothing like a Resident Evil game, which could be either good or bad.

If you want an idea of just how different Resident Evil 7 is turning out to be, you can take a look at the gameplay demo below.

My first reaction to this video is that this feels a helluva lot like P.T., the "teaser" to Silent Hills. Capcom has even come out and said that the PlayStation 4 demo, which looks very similar to the VR demo, isn't even going to be gameplay in the game, that it's basically an announcement that _Resident Evil _is coming back better than ever. So the question is, can this even be called a _Resident Evil_ game? Isn't the demo just a "playable teaser" as well?

My theory is that Capcom basically took the idea from Konami's failed Silent Hills project. Silent Hills, we can safely assume, was going to be a revamping of the original series, something new and totally different from what the horror genre had ever seen before. It appeared like Silent Hills was going to be played in first-person, very much like we saw in the demo for Resident Evil 7, and with very intricate lighting and a strong atmospheric type of horror very reliant on sound design. I believe Konami saw the opportunity after the project was cancelled and ran with it. Kudos to them for seeing the opportunity and, fair and square, taking the overly popular idea for themselves.

Both _Silent Hill and _Resident Evil_ are known for their third-person gameplay style, so it was huge when Silent Hills looked like it was going to be played in first-person. _Silent Hills' P.T., as I have recounted time and time again, started an era in horror gaming and I think Konami is smart to take advantage of that. After all, Silent Hill is probably Resident Evil's biggest competitor when it comes to atmospheric horror, for they both appeared around the same time on PlayStation.

So the fact that Resident Evil is going back to what we thought we lost with P.T. andSilent Hills is extremely critical to the horror gaming genre. Because if Capcom does this right and the game turns out to be just as fantastic as we had hoped, it could further the current trend in indie horror gaming, which is creating this atmospheric terror full of cheap jump-scares. This could totally change the way major horror games approach the genre, and like I've said in the past, VR was created for horror gaming.

But this week at E3, Resident Evil 7 didn't do so hot in PlayStation's VR booth. Many people reported that they felt horribly sick while playing and it was later discovered that the game was barely hitting (if at all) the 60fps mark needed to smoothly run the PlayStation VR game. Our writer described it perfectly in his article from earlier today.

So while the VR version is still a little shaky, I have hope for the game as a whole. I cried the day I found out Silent Hills was cancelled, but maybe it's time to let the rival, Resident Evil, take the reins and lead the genre in a new form of horror gaming. Maybe it's time to open my mind up to something else. But for what it's worth, we'll have our eye on Resident Evil 7: Biohazard to follow its progress; we can't wait to see what the finished product will look like.

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