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Square Enix and IO Interactive are still pumping out new content for Hitman, as the new reboot of the series continues its episodic journey toward completion. The latest update includes the next Elusive Target, a one-time opportunity to take out a target with no second chances.

Game Informer is reporting that the next Elusive Target will be actor Gary Busey. Yes, the same Gary Busey from Point Break, Drop Zone and Under Siege. Heck, someone should do a five degrees of separation game between Gary Busey and all the famous action stars from the 1980s and 1990s.

Anyway, the new Elusive Target will only be available for seven days starting July 21st at 5am Pacific Standard Time and he will be gone on July 28th the following week. Gary Busey will be available on the Sapienza map.

Originally IO Interactive ran a voting contest to choose which one would gamers prefer hunting down, actor Gary Cole or actor Gary Busey. Gamers instinctively went with Gary Busey. It's not hard to see why.

Busey will be the seventh in the ever-growing line of Elusive Targets featured in the 2016 reboot of Hitman. The first six have been killed in a number of different ways since first being introduced by IO Interactive earlier this year.

The company and the publisher are doing something a little bit differently with the series, opting to go with an episodic release of the content instead of the traditional $60 pack that contains all of the levels right from the get-go.

In a way, IO Interactive have stated that this affords them some adaptability in how to roll the content out for Hitman. It's a little weird because what happens when one episode does well but maybe the follow-up doesn't? Do you just leave it or keep trucking on? Or is it possible that they're only completing the episodes when the previous episodes fill up an escrow of sorts to allow them to have the budget to make the next episode?

It's a weird setup that seems like it would be more troublesome than beneficial, especially trying to ensure everything ties together and that compatibility isn't an issue when it comes to saved games and data handling for gamers who buy some episodes but skip out on others. On the upside, at least they know what the performance limitations are and they can adjust and optimize on the fly after each episode releases. It's a lot different than releasing a full game and trying to fix certain issues post-release when a game has frame-rate or graphical issues.

Anyway, Hitman recently had the Marrakesh stage released, and they also offered an update to the stage where gamers could tackle some of the missions at night.

They plan on following up Marrakesh with a new stage set in the good 'ole U.S., Of A. They haven't rolled out any details yet on where in the U.S., the stage will take place, but expect some more info soon after gamers get done taking care of Gary Busey this week in Hitman.

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