In the most recent Hitman installment, Agent 47 is given a multitude of options when it comes to taking out the target—and they are vastly creative. From poisoning the targets to throwing axes at their heads, players will never be bored with developing new ways to take them out. And the best part about it is despite using the same weapon twice sometimes, it might always be used in a different way (throwing an ax compared to chopping with an ax). And while there are a ton of ways to kill a target, we wanted to give you a small snapshot into some of the craziest ways to take them down.


1. Ejected From A Fighter Jet
During the first part of Hitman, Agent 47 is put to the test with his skills. This is where you really get a taste of Agent 47 and all of the things he can do. Matter of fact, you can play through this test as many times as you want, trying out the different ways of taking out targets with different strategies and approaches. In one of the missions, you get the opportunity to send your target flying. While you are disguised and helping your target go through safety protocols in the fighter jet, your target doesn’t realized that you actually enabled the ejection function earlier when he had told you to disable it. So when you ask him to pull the lever to test it, he goes flying straight up into the air. This is probably my favorite way to take out a target and can only be seized if you accept the Hitman opportunity in the second part of the initial skills test.

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