Six More New Pokemon Revealed For Sun And Moon, Check It Out

Nintendo is continuing to release new info for Pokemon Sun and Moon leading up to its release later this year for the Nintendo 3DS. The newest trailer for the game highlights the six new Pokemon that gamers will be able to capture in the two new titles.

Game Informer picked up the story from a recent post by the official Pokemon channel, where they revealed the six Pokemon in a two minute trailer.

The first of the six is Wimpod, a crustacean inspired Pokemon that looks like a mix between an isopod and a copepod. The little critter is considered as a bug and water type, which is not surprising at all. This new Pokemon Sun and Moon entry has an ability called Wimp Out. I have no idea what this move actually does but it looks like the Wimpod literally just wimps out of a fight after taking a hard hit. I imagine this is more of a comedy Pokemon used for giggles more than effective team battles, but it may have some other abilities unbeknownst to gamers that will be revealed at a later time.

Next on the list is Bounsweet, a plant-like Pokemon that is actually a grass type. It has two abilities called Leaf guard and Oblivious. It reminds me of a smaller and less well armored version of a Bulbasaur.

Comfey is yet another new Pokemon added to the Sun and Moon mix. It looks like a season wreath with a flower sprite at one end. It's actually a fairy type with the ability to use Flower Veil and Trigge. Unfortunately we don't really get to see how well it can be utilized in a fight, and only see the animations for Flower Veil before the trailer moves on to the next Pokemon.

And speaking of the next Pokemon... the Sun and Moon trailer from Nintendo also introduced Mudsdale, which reminds me of a Jamaican Clydesdale horse. The Mudsdale is appropriately classified as a ground type Pokemon with the abilities Own Tempo and Stamina. It's actually a pretty cool Pokemon that could prove to be very effective in a lot of battles. When attacked it has the chance to automatically raise its stamina and give it some extra gusto when retaliating against foes.

Next on the list is Mimikyu, it looks like a Pikachu that was submitted to the psyche ward. This Pokemon is appropriately classified as a ghost and fairy type. It has the ability to disguise itself using the upper part of its body (the part that looks like a badly drawn Pikachu face). This could actually prove to be a very cool Pokemon when used properly in battle thanks to its decoy ability.

Bewear is the last on the list, looking like a bear cosplaying as Lucky Chloe from Tekken 7. The Bewear is a normal fighting type Pokemon, with the ability to use Fluffy to smash opponents into the ground.

The trailer rounds out by talking about the global tournaments, hyper training and a reminder that Pokemon Sun and Moon are both set to launch on November 18th for the Nintendo 3DS.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.