Another New Sonic The Hedgehog Game Revealed, But It Won’t Be Going Back To Classic Gameplay

The creators who brought you Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations is finally coming out with a new game to celebrate Sonic's 25th Anniversary, called Project Sonic. And it will be the hedgehog's return to the 3D platformer world.

We recently wrote about another Sonic The Hedgehog game that was revealed in celebration of Sonic's 25th Anniversary at Comic Con 2016 called Sonic Mania which harkens back to classic Sonic style, but Project Sonic won't be so classic. Instead, the game will be in 3D and will feature some of Sonic's newer abilities and gameplay style. You can see the trailer below.

Very much like Sonic Generations, you'll be able to play as both the new-age Sonic who is taller and more slender, and the shorter, more old-school version of Sonic. Unfortunately, the trailer doesn't really give us a lot of information about what the game is exactly about. Instead, we're given a brief description of joining a resistance and that these are dark times for Sonic and his pals.

I played Sonic Generations and I thought it was okay. It wasn't bad as games like Sonic Boom, and though it captured some of that nostalgia I was looking for, it didn't quite satisfy me. So I'm not as excited for this rendition of Sonic as I am for Sonic Mania. I will say that I am curious to know what kind of storyline they are weaving for this game that has to deal with "dark times" and a "resistance." It will be interesting to see if there's any kind of relation to Sonic Generations, or if this will be an entirely new game separate from that series.

Even though Sonic Mania, the more-classic-looking Sonic game, has a release date estimated for Spring 2017, Project Sonic isn't expected to release until the holiday season next year. Project Sonic will not only be releasing on the PS4, Xbox One and PC, but also the upcoming Nintendo NX.