You Have To See This Fan-Made Fallout TV Series Pilot

Fan-made projects are usually passionately made but poor in production. Well, that's not the case with Mechanical Cake TV's new Fallout themed television-style web series. The first pilot episode has appeared online called Fallout: Revelation and you can watch it right now.

According to GamesRadar, the first Fallout pilot episode ran during this year's San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend. The pilot is the first of three episodes and runs for just 15 minutes. The fan-made series has no affiliation with Bethesda Softworks and is completely independently made.

The first episode follows a scavenger across the wastelands, as he scours desolate and decrepit homes for food and supplies, trekking alone in the world while becoming one with nature. Early in the scavenger picks up on a distress beacon signal that's bouncing off the coast; when he gets there he discovers a crashed ship with a pilot's body buried partially under the sand.

The scavenger, Joseph, happens upon a device in the wreckage that gives him a look at all of the destruction that led up to the nukes dropping. The device is being sought by various groups and they're doing whatever they can to get their hands on it.

The scene switches over Joseph's son, who is given an old Pip-Boy device that belonged to his dad. It contains information on it that leads him to a hidden compartment in a nursery that contains a hatch that leads down into a hole. The episode ends there.

The video already has more than 139,000 views after going up on July 23. That's pretty impressive for just three days of being online and only having 5,000 subscribers.

The video is definitely making the rounds and a lot of people are singing it praises for the production values and being true to the lore and aesthetic of Fallout.

The fan-made episode is at its finest when it has those wide-sweeping outdoor shots. They look gorgeous and it really seems to capture the Fallout feeling. There are also a couple of really good indoor shots while in the fallout bunker, especially the control room and the nursery.

Things seem to slightly become unhinged when the squad in the Power Armor are in the frame. The crew obviously didn't have the budget to build towering Power Armor like the ones featured in the Fallout franchise. They settled for a lot of padded props and costumes that looked like convention-quality cosplay. It's not bad but the Power Armor definitely doesn't hold up in quality to some of the other shots.

The Synth makeup effects for the little time that they were on-screen happened to be pretty darn good.

The acting is obviously the strongest part of the series so far. The actor playing Joseph seemed to really get into it and bring a compelling and honest portrayal to the screen.

There's no ETA on when the next two parts of this Fallout fan-film series will go live, but they have an impressive crew setup for an indie project and I'm sure they'll have out the next two episodes soon enough.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.