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Resident Evil 7

Capcom recently revealed that one of the classic items from their stash of Resident Evil goodies is making a return in Resident Evil 7. The developers will be bringing back the old medicinal herbs as a way to restore life after encountering some of the baddies in the newest game.

IGN is reporting that an image has been sent out by Capcom highlighting the old way of healing oneself in the upcoming Resident Evil 7. The image showcases two medicinal bottles, two herbs and one coin.

Resident Evil 7

As you can see, one of the bottles has a faded health sign on it and is slightly smaller than another bottle, which is larger and less rounded. There are two herbs in small packs, and they obviously aren't for smoking. The likelihood is that they can be combined together like in previous games to make up stronger healing supplies.

In the image, however, it teases something a little bit different than what you may have been expecting: A coin.

They don't say what the coin does but instead questions why it's there. IGN presumes that it may signal the return of the gravely voiced and mysterious merchant from Resident Evil 4. He was both a relief to see and a bit scary because usually if he popped up it meant that there were some nasty, nasty dangers up ahead. You could use various items such as treasure and jewelry to trade with the merchant in order to earn some credits and buy upgrades for your weapons or purchase new weapons.

If they are bringing back the merchant then that would be really awesome. One of the best parts about Resident Evil 4 was scavenging for things to sell and then trying to find the merchant so you could get the latest gear. They replaced the merchant in Resident Evil 5 with an inter-stage shopping menu that popped up after completing a level. You sort of had to prep ahead of a level or between menu checkpoints. Resident 6 did away with the shopping and inventory micromanagement altogether, which was a real bummer because they gave you everything you needed instead of letting you bumble through the game and discover it organically, or buy, sell and trade items as you saw fit.

For Resident Evil 7 the potential of the merchant's return and a selection of healing supplies means that they could be bringing back inventory micromanagement, which would really add to the game's survival aspects and the desperation of trying to find whatever you need in order to get through an area.

One thing we know for sure is that the (super) heroes won't be returning for Resident Evil 7. Players will be taking on the role(s) of characters who are not going to be familiarized with the threats usually found in Resident Evil titles, so it should make for a very interesting game as far as story and intensity is concerned.

It's noted by IGN that we could be seeing more of the VR-ready horror game at this year's Tokyo Game Show in Tokyo, Japan in September. If Capcom plays their cards right it could be a turning point for them and the Resident Evil brand. So far the reveal of the healing herbs and the coin have generated some measure of excitement in the community, so I'm guessing they're on the right track.

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