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New Dead Rising 4 Video Brings Us Back To A Familiar Location

Capcom released a new video for Dead Rising 4 featuring a return to the iconic location that helped put the zombie survival game on the map way back during its debut on the Xbox 360 an entire decade ago. The trailer focuses on the Willamette Megaplex from the original Dead Rising.

The trailer was posted up over on the Xbox YouTube channel and is themed around Frank West, photojournalist extraordinaire, making a return to the mall in Willamette that's become over-flooded with zombies... again.

The trailer starts with a little bit of dialogue from West explaining that he's going to head back to Willamette, go to the Memorial Megaplex, get some pictures and get out. Only things don't quite go as he planned.

Frank proclaims he can't see a thing from the outside, even though he spots a few straggling zombies roaming around just outside the Megaplex. Frank decides to venture inside where he finds himself surrounded by a massive zombie horde. And here's where Dead Rising 4 gets back to its roots of hacking, slashing, crazy weapons and even crazier costumes coming into play.

The trailer then proceeds to showcase some of the new features of Dead Rising 4, including kneeing a zombie in the face, sticking a live firework in their face while taking a selfie -- yes, you can take selfies in the game -- along with some of the new melee weapons that are at the disposal of gamers. We even see a katana being used to slice and dice all the limbs off a zombie.

The trailer then transitions into the more story-oriented fanfare. Frank begins to explain how the resurgence of zombies is likely a military experiment. The game's trailer begins to wade slightly into the territory of Hollywood-trailer-spoilers, revealing that the whole thing is being organized by a group of heavily armed soldiers.

They don't stick too long to the story aspects, but instead switch back to showing Frank mowing down zombies with a chainsaw as well as using a new automatic, rocket-propelled rifle. This weapon is used to showcase the new and improved physics and destructibility featured in Dead Rising 4, a clear and distinct upgrade over Dead Rising 3.

But a game about zombies wouldn't be complete without the most useful zombie-killing weapon of all time: a shotgun. The trailer pays a little bit of respect to the 12. gauge in a short clip as Frank is attempting to outrun a horde before turning around and blasting them in the face.

The trailer ends with a look at Frank in his new exo-suit where he literally rips some zombies in half after punching a Humvee into the air.

There are a lot of cool new gimmicks and gadgets in Dead Rising 4, and if the a thousand and one other zombie titles that have come out in recent years haven't been doing it for you, you can look to get your hands on Capcom's upcoming title starting December 6th for the Xbox One and Windows 10.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.