The Moogles In Final Fantasy XV Are Not What We Were Expecting

It was announced a while back that Moogles, one of the best-known mascots of the Final Fantasy series, will make an appearance in Final Fantasy XV. Today we've learned what role the pom-pom-headed cuties will play and, honestly, it's not what we were expecting.

So, there you have it. Based on this tweet from Square Enix, it looks like Moogles won't be taking their traditional role in the upcoming Final Fantasy XV. Instead, it looks like they will be collectible dolls you can find in the game world, and that's bound to disappoint some series fans.

While Moogles haven't been in every Final Fantasy game, they've certainly been in a heck of a lot of them. Just like airships, chocobo, characters named Cid and the like, it's one of those series staples that you just expect to see in everything Final Fantasy these days.

But, while we know all three of those other things are going to be in Final Fantasy XV, it looks like Moogles will be playing a much more low-key role. The developer polled fans a while back as to whether or not they would want to see Moogles in Final Fantasy XV. When they received an overwhelming response of "yes," it was announced that they would not only be included, but that they would take on an unexpected role.

By "unexpected role," we were thinking something along the lines of "they're going to work for the bad guys?!" or "they'll be a wicked-cool summon?!" As it turns out, we might not be too far off on that last one.

We're reading into things a bit here, but the tweeted image of collectible Moogles explains that they are basically lucky charms in the game, used to help the cast avoid "all kinds of troubles." It goes on to state that they might even help out when protagonist Noctis and his cohorts are "in a tight spot." So, if you've got a Moogle on hand, maybe they'll pop into the game-world to lend a hand.

That's certainly a departure from previous iterations of Moogles. They usually run shops, haul the mail or establish villages here and there. They're even playable characters in some Final Fantasy games.

So, yeah, we're a little bummed to discover that Moogles won't play a huge role in Final Fantasy XV but, based on the item description, we're hoping there's more to these stuffed companions than meets the eye.

As for the tweet itself, it's asking folks to "collect" Moogles. By that, they simply mean follow the twitter account. If enough folks do that, it will unlock various unannounced prizes. So, yeah, hit that like follow button if you feel so inclined.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.