Final Fantasy, like many other beloved and long-running series, has developed a strong and dedicated following. At this rate, with 15 titles and years of development and reliable results, it’s terrifying to think of the day when there will never be another Final Fantasy game. It’s kind of like the day I found out Silent Hill was officially cancelled. It’s heartbreaking. But, put those feelings aside, because the end of the Final Fantasy series is not here. Instead, we’ve done our research and this is what we know so far about the newest addition to the Final Fantasy lineup, Final Fantasy 15.

Release Date
It was recently announced that Final Fantasy 15 would be releasing sometime this year, but an official release date still hasn’t been announced. Hopefully, more details will come out around the Electronic Entertainment Expo, which happens in June. The Verge mentioned that the official release date is supposed to be announced at a special event on March 30, so we’ve got a few more days before we find out for sure.

What Is Final Fantasy 15 About
This time, the story follows Prince Noctis, who rules over The Kingdom of Lucis and has been matched with Princess Luna for marriage. On the day of their wedding, The Empire of Niflheim pops in for an unexpected invasion to nab the last-known crystal that will give them ultimate power. It is, of course, up to Noctis and his trusty sidekicks to battle their way to retrieve the crystal back from the hands of the Niflheim in order to save the kingdom.

The most recent trailer for Final Fantasy 15 is titled “Dawn 2.0.” The trailer focuses on the backstories of Lunafreya and Noctis. The game will, of course, center around those two characters, but Noctis will be the main protagonist. In the trailer, you can see Noctis as a little boy and Lunafreya as a younger woman. The trailer was released last September, and we haven’t heard much since. Because this year is supposed to be the year it finally releases, hopefully there will be some news at this year’s E3 in June.

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