A New Destiny Quest Finally Has A Use For Those Raisins

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Bungie has implemented a number of new features into Destiny since the Rise of Iron expansion went live, containing new light levels, equipment, armor and quests. But it was recently discovered that there's a quest in the game that finally makes use of raisins.

Polygon is reporting that some gamers finally figured out what you do with Ascendant Raisins in Destiny. The description for them reads "Glowing, bubbling, boiling" and they're listed as a consumable but a lot of gamers didn't know what they did... until now.

The discovery was made by the "Tiny Box of Raisins Clan" who regularly post over on the sub-Reddit for Destiny. The clan discovered that the raisins, which were made available last year during a Halloween event for Destiny, became "Ascendant Raisins" after sitting in the inventory for over a year. The clan found out that you get the box of raisins from Eris Morn after taking on the quest from Eva Levante. You take the box of raisins to the Speaker and he will turn your tiny box of raisins into Ascendent Raisins (if you don't already have them).

The next few steps consist of what amounts to a series of fetch trades between NPCs, including taking the Ascendant Raisins to Zavala, who will give you some salted sweets, and then you take those to another NPC named Master Rahool who will give you some winged chew. Then that needs to go to Amanda Holiday, who will give you splice drops, and then you take those to Cayde-6 who will give you unchocolate. You take the unchocolate to Eris Morn who will give you a bag of treats and inside you'll discover the "Superblack" rare shader so you can color your Guardian in Destiny with the cool new color scheme.

Redditor DinoAri goes through each of the steps required to unlock the new rare shader in Destiny, as well as how to obtain the raisins and how to start and finish the quest chain. It only happens during Halloween events apparently, so you may have to work quick to get in on the goods.

Bungie has managed to keep their fans glued to the game despite others giving up on the FPS MMO in favor of other newer titles that have come out. Even still, there are hidden goodies sprinkled throughout the experience of Destiny to help keep some of the most diehard fans coming back to discover something new.

No matter how much grief Bungie gets for the game for being boring, stale or a cash grab, you have to admit that they packed the sci-fi shooter with so many hidden little Easter Eggs to keep it in the media spotlight and dedicated fans guessing and searching for new clues.

What's interesting, though, is that after discovering the purpose of the raisins and putting in the time and effort to get the "Superblack" shader out of the whole ordeal, they ended up discovering another rare item in Destiny.... a piece of celery.

Now some gamers are questioning what the celery does and how it will apply to the ongoing efforts to save the galaxy. Well, there are already theories that it may have something to do with Destiny 2, which is due for release next year, so we'll have to wait to find out if the celery turns out to be as important as the raisins.

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