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Cards Against Humanity’s Latest Black Friday Stunt Is Hilarious And Insane

The folks behind the card game for terrible people Cards Against Humanity have a very special relationship with Black Friday. They always do something of note. This year they're doing something really big...and pointless. Right now, on the Cards Against Humanity website, you can donate money to them. Every dollar you donate will result in them continuing to dig a hole in the ground. For what reason? Absolutely no reason at all. But you can watch them do it, so there's that.

Why is Cards Against Humanity digging a hole for Black Friday? Really no reason at all according to the site, beyond the fact that it's funny that somebody would raise thousands of dollars and use it to simply dig a deep hole. Ultimately, "because it's funny" is the reason that CAH does most things. The exact location of the hole is unknown though the FAQ for the "holiday hole" says it is in America. Donating money will add about four seconds of dig time for every dollar spent.

Cards Against Humanity has an issue with the annual consumer explosion that is Black Friday. In previous years the website for the party game has removed the game entirely and made it unavailable for purchase or, in the ultimate move, they once increased prices rather than reducing them. People have been very upset when this happens. People don't get jokes a lot of the time.

Last year they sold Nothing for $5 a pop. They ended up raising over $70,000 from people who either didn't believe they'd get nothing, or figured $5 was an acceptable price to pay to be in on the joke. CAH ended up giving the money to their employees as bonuses. The best Black Friday, however, was when the company sold bullshit in 2013 for $6. Purchasers received exactly what was advertised, bovine excrement in a box. Were there new cards hidden inside the box? No. It was just bullshit. People wanted their money back after that one. They didn't get it.

Simply while writing this the amount of money, and therefore time, that will be spent on this hole has been skyrocketing. A single person apparently donated $500 and the stunt has raised over $10,000 in total. The hole will be going for the rest of the day at the very least. It will be interesting to see if it ends up going all weekend or even longer.

As a fan of Cards Against Humanity, both the game and the people behind it, I always appreciate their various stunts. It's possible that they'll end up donating an equivalent amount of money to what they raise to some charity, they've done that before, but at the same time, you have to ask which is funnier, having a greater purpose behind digging a large hole in the ground, or having no purpose whatever behind it?

Dirk Libbey
Dirk Libbey

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