That Missing Pokemon Is Now Available To Catch In Pokemon Go

Niantic Labs finally confirmed something that a lot of players have known about for a while: that one of the 151 Pokemon that were revealed to be in Pokemon Go via datamining, is now available to catch in the actual game.

According to Polygon, Niantic Labs confirmed that on November 23rd the Ditto Pokemon became available to catch while playing Pokemon Go. Several months ago there were reports about Ditto being in the game, but the only thing that the dataminers were able to glean from the information was that Ditto was indeed in the code, but they didn't know how to access the Pokemon.

Pokemon Go

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Well, no one could access ditto in Pokemon Go because Niantic Labs didn't allow for Ditto to be captured. The Pokemon was locked away behind the code up until now.

Polygon has been reporting that gamers have been battling various Pokemon in the game, and at the end of the battle the Pokemon transforms into Ditto, revealing that they were attempting to capture Ditto the entire time. The Pokemon has the ability to mimic other Pokemon. At the start of a battle, it will mimic a Pokemon so you won't actually know that it's a Ditto.

Niantic Labs designed it this way so that players will have to attempt to capture as many Pokemon as possible. Ditto, so far, has been spotted mimicking a lot of lower level Pokemon in Pokemon Go. After capturing the Pokemon, Ditto will reveal itself and will be added to your inventory.

During gym battles Niantic Labs explained that if a player decides to play a Ditto on the field, it will mimic the first Pokemon that your opponent brings out and the Ditto will continue to stay that Pokemon until the end of the battle.

This gives gamers a very good idea of how the Pokemon works and what sort of tactics they might employ when using it on the field.

It was always going to be a matter of time before Ditto appeared as a Pokemon that could be captured in Pokemon Go, most gamers just didn't know when it would be made available.

Now that Ditto completes the original 151 Pokemon cache, a lot of gamers are now wondering when Niantic labs will include the second generation of Pokemon from the other games.

Gamers have been clamoring for the library of pocket monsters to expand, and this call for more Pokemon came leading up to the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon. The newest game on the Nintendo 3DS introduced even more Pokemon, bringing the total up even higher yet.

You likely won't be seeing any of the new beasts from the 3DS title in Pokemon Go anytime soon, but at least Niantic made the Ditto available to capture for those who are dedicated to playing the mobile game. It's a nice little Thanksgiving gift for the hardcore fans.

You can start capturing Ditto right now if you have Pokemon Go, you just have to get out there and start throwing Pokeballs around to get your hands on as many low-level Pokemon as possible.

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