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Resident Evil 7

The Xbox One version of the Resident Evil 7 just received a demo, enabling gamers to play test the "Beginning Hour" experience alongside PS4 gamers. The demo arrived shortly after the PS4 demo was made available to the public.

According to Gamespot, Xbox One owners can download the demo right now from over on the Xbox Store or head to the Microsoft Store and queue it up for download on your Xbox One using the remote queuing.

The demo is 3.64GB large, which is about the download size of Just Cause 2. The demo takes you through the first hour or so of Resident Evil 7, giving you a sound understanding of how the exploration works and what the new first-person mechanics are like.

Opposite of the last couple of Resident Evil titles, you'll no longer have the action-oriented, over-the-shoulder view to work with. This time around they've removed the voyeur perspective and put you right into the eyes of the survivor. This is also a stark departure from the old-school Resident Evil titles, where you were more of a purveyor from the point-of-view of a stationary, fixed camera, like a security watchmen soaking in all the horrors from the comfort of a control room.

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Instead, Capcom wanted gamers to feel dread, feel the horror, and relinquish that invincibility mindset as they stumble and run and examine the Baker manor in the outback of the deep south.

The theme of Resident Evil 7 is closer to the likes of old haunted house horror films, where a group of people (or a single person) goes to investigate a house but ends up becoming a victim of the horrors taking place inside.

Players will have to scavenge for resources and equipment and battle against the Baker family in a way to find escape. The interesting thing here is that enemies are in scarce supply, and you'll need to stay on the move to avoid getting killed by the Baker family. The father is the main antagonist based on the previews of Resident Evil 7, and players will be able to shoot him, set him on fire, and crush him in an attempt to escape.

Each family member works as a sort of boss of each section of the plantation, as players make their way from the different houses in a desperate attempt to escape from the grounds.

To help elevate the fear factors, they've also added VR support for the PlayStation VR. This could help seriously boost the profile of virtual reality headsets, especially for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro.

Right now, analysts aren't very keen on the sales of VR headsets, and a lot of that is due to the fact that there are no real killer apps available for the headsets. Gamers are left to meddle through a lot of tech demo-style apps and small VR experiences that don't really do much for the hardware. With Resident Evil 7 it's very possible that the game could be the first real major AAA breakthrough for VR and give gamers something to really write home about.

In the meantime, Xbox One gamers can play the free demo ahead of the January 24th, 2017 release date. PS4 gamers had access to the demo a while ago and PC gamers will gain access to the demo on December 19th.

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