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Everything That Carries Over In Final Fantasy XV's New Game Plus

Final Fantasy XV
(Image credit: Square Enix)

The New Game Plus mode for Final Fantasy XV will open up all new opportunities for gamers now that it has gone live in the free Holiday Pack DLC. There are a number of features that carry over from the old game to the New Game Plus and it could definitely change how you view the game.

VG 24//7 did a listing of the features that will carry from your old save to your new game in Final Fantasy XV. They picked up the listing from someone who has dipped in to the new mode and posted on NeoGaf what makes the transition from the old save to the new save.

• Your weapons, including all arminger weapons

• All magic and magic flasks

• All previously skills unlocked

• All ascension grid previously unlocked

• All inventory from NG

• All photos, recipes and fish caught

• Gils from NG

• AP from NG

• Outfits (even Kingsglaive ones)

They also mention the Ultimate Blade and Regalia will revert back to their base vanilla forms, so you'll have to go through the process again of upgrading them.

Also, there's a pretty big caveat here: none of the enemies scale with the player. This isn't like other New Game Plus modes like in Borderlands or Dark Souls. According to the article, the monster levels will stay exactly the same. So you'll end up doing battle against enemies that are exactly the same as they were during your first play through.

This will mostly be a huge disappointment to a lot of Final Fantasy XV fans who were looking forward to the New Game Plus. I'm sure plenty of fans were hoping for tougher monsters and harder boss fights, but it's essentially just a refresh of the main game with a carryover in items, levels, weapons, and money.

It's not all bad, though. Players can now stay out at night and fight some of those high-level daemons that roamed the land. Previously players were encouraged to hide and stay indoors to avoid being curb stomped by the daemons, but with the levels carrying over, you'll likely be able to fight them at your leisure without too many problems.

While I'm sure some people are frustrated that the monsters in Final Fantasy XV didn't get harder in New Game Plus, others might be happy they can experience the game in a new way by using their old gear and goods to do some things they may have missed out on due to not being high enough in level the first time around.

The patch and the Holiday Pack have a scattered release. So while the New Game Plus for version 1.03 is available now as part of a 3.5GB patch, the actual Holiday Pack content won't be available until tomorrow on December 22nd.

Even still, for gamers looking for something new to do in Final Fantasy XV after they completed the game but still weren't happy with the experience they had, the New Game Plus will at least give gamers something fresh to do for a while. It's a shame the monsters didn't level up but there are some new bosses on the way and at least it will make fighting daemons at night an interesting endeavor.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.