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How To Unlock The Ultimate Team Versions Of Brett Favre In Madden 17

Madden NFL 17
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Electronic Arts made a pretty big announcement, letting gamers know that one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time in the NFL, Brett Favre, has made a return to the field for Madden NFL 17. They also revealed how to unlock the various Ultimate Team versions of Brett Favre.

Brett Favre is making a return to the sports franchise following his retirement six years ago and they rolled out the different ways you can unlock the different versions of Favre in Madden NFL 17 Ultimate Team mode over on the official EA Sports website.

How To Unlock 86 OVR Brett Favre

Simply log into Madden NFL 17 and you'll be able to unlock the 86 overall rating version of Brett Favre. Unlocking this version of Favre will then enable you to unlock the other Favres through the Favre Frozen Solo Challenges.

How To Unlock 89 OVR Brett Favre

After you unlock the 86 version of Favre, you'll be able to participate in the Frozen Solo Challenge. Complete the first sequence of the challenge and you'll be able to unlock the 89 OVR version of Favre, along with Sterling Sharp and Antonio Freeman, both of whom can also be used in the Madden Ultimate Team mode.

How To Unlock "4" Chemistry And Sequence Two

After you unlock the 89 OVR version of Favre, along with Sharp and Freeman, you'll need to use the Frozen Moments to unlock the Elite versions of Sharp and Freeman in Madden NFL. Once you unlock the Elite versions of the other two, you'll then be able to use the "4" Chemistry activation, which can only be unlocked when you team up the Elite versions of Sharp and Freeman with Favre in Madden Ultimate Team. Once "4" Chemistry is activated, you can then proceed to access Sequence Two.

How To Unlock 92 OVR "Gunslinger" Favre

The iconic 92 OVR version of Favre is the famous "Gunslinger" version that refers to his laser-precision throwing as a quarterback during the late 1990s. You can access the 92 OVR version by completing Sequence Two by using the "4" Chemistry activation. Combine the 92 OVR version with the "4" Chemistry and utilize the Offensive Ultimate Freeze Chemistry to finish the sequence.

How To Unlock Ultimate 96 OVR Favre

EA has two different versions of the 96 overall rated Brett Favre. Unlocking these two will earn you the ultimate Gunslinger Ability Chemistry in Madden NFL. One of the versions is only available through the MUT microtransaction pack, while the other is a Master Set Reward, after completing all the solo challenges and gathering both the players and collectibles.

That should help you on your way to unlocking one of the greatest NFL players of all time in EA Sports' latest Madden NFL. Favre has been a part of the series since Madden NFL 97 and made it through the franchise all the way up to Madden NFL 11. He was a special downloadable quarterback as part of the roster update in Madden NFL 10, but now he's back in a very special way with the Madden Ultimate Team mode in Madden NFL 17. Fans have gone crazy over his inclusion, so hopefully, the guide will help you get your hands on the Hall of Famer and living legend of football.

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