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Lin-Manuel Miranda Can't Stop Talking About One Video Game's Music

Video game music, like any other form of music, can take hold of you and never let go if it hits all the right spots in all the right ways. Well, that's exactly what happened with composer and actor Lin-Manuel Miranda, who can't stop talking about one video game music track in particular.

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The tweet was posted up on Lin-Manuel Miranda's Twitter account to his more than 1 million fans after responding to someone asking what's the best music he's heard in a game. Despite saying people are sick of him talking about Duck Tales, many of his followers were actually pretty enthused about his enthusiasm for the game. It's one of those classic titles that has aged rather well throughout history and came out back when Nintendo and Capcom were making history together with some of the biggest game franchises in the industry.

Duck Tales Remastered

(Image credit: Disney Interactive)

The music for Duck Tales managed to live on in ways that include lots of remixes, remasters and alternate takes from dedicated members of the gaming community. The game's popularity even warranted an actual, official remaster, which came out for the PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360, iOS and Android devices courtesy of Capcom and Disney Interactive Studios back when they were publishing games. The venerable WayForward Technologies handled the actual remaster, and managed to put some tender, love and care into it just like they did with their Shantae series, which is one of the more recently beloved platformers out there.

Nevertheless, it wasn't always the remasters and the remixes that managed to win gamers over when it came to Duck Tales. A lot of times the fans simply loved the original 8-bit OST that was part of the NES game from way back in 1989. If you forgot what the specific Moon Level music was like, you can check it out in the video below, courtesy of Rick Danto.

Using the limited sound processors of the NES, the developers managed to create a memorable track that was both motivated and somewhat sentimental.

The level itself is centered around a moon base featuring plenty of spikes, lots of space aliens that look like floating octopuses, and a few patrolling baddies.

Moreover, Lin-Manuel Miranda is apparently a connoisseur of fine gaming from yesteryear. The rapper, actor, musician and composer has an impressive pedigree under his belt, and given his recent announcement of not being able to stop talking about Duck Tales, many of his followers were quick to ask if maybe this would open a door in the near future for him to work on some video game music. I think it would make for an interesting mix, depending on the game he managed to get signed on to. I doubt he would fit in well with something like Halo or The Last of Us, but something a little more whimsical or culturally appropriate just might fit with the Grammy, Tony and Pulitzer Prize-winning artist.

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