New Horizon: Zero Dawn Trailer Begins To Explain The Game's Story

Despite the handful of trailers and gameplay segments we've seen for upcoming Horizon: Zero Dawn, we still don't know a heck of a lot about this game where humans have reverted to a more tribal lifestyle in a world overrun with robot dinosaurs. Thankfully, the latest trailer for the game allows some of those pieces to start falling into place.

To be fair, we still don't know why technology has gone primal in Horizon: Zero Dawn, even after watching this latest trailer from the team at Guerrilla. Of course, that's probably one of the major plot points of the game and we'd rather find it out by playing anyway. Still, we at least now have a better feel for the game's world and its inhabitants following this latest offering that went live earlier today on the PlayStation Blog.

According to the description, this latest Horizon trailer is all about "New Friends and Foes," displaying the two in equal measure. Aloy, the game's heroine, begins the trailer wandering through the remains of her massacred tribe. She soon discovers that the culprits are a mysterious band of raiders who wear masks and somehow corrupt the robotic inhabitants of the planet to turn them violent.

If there's one thing we know about Guerrilla, it's that their technology is usually cutting edge, and that holds true with Horizon. The Killzone games looked great, but their latest offering shows off character models and environments that are simply breathtaking. The game is being billed as taking place in the post-post-apocalypse, so it's set in a world after technology, though people still use those relics in their day to day lives. That's why you see makeshift armor and log huts mixed with holograms and a bow and arrow that would feel right at home in, say, Mass Effect. And then, yes, there are those robotic dinosaurs roaming around, which is going to take some explaining.

It looks like the baddies are trying to use enraged robo-animals for their own means, though no reasons are offered yet. With her kinsmen dead and the rest of the world under attack, it looks like Aloy has decided to take up arms against these mask-wearing meanies. In a world that has already undergone one apocalypse, it sure seems like the stakes of Zero Dawn could be that another one is on the way.

We would, of course, be open to your interpretations of the story trailer in the comments below. Our favorite fan theory so far is that Horizon takes place in the same universe as Killzone. The conflicting sides of that struggle have finally wiped each other out, leaving the world to rebuild as we see it in Zero Dawn. It's a fun thought, and you can feel free to add to it in the comments.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.