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It looks like another big game won't be making its way to the Nintendo Switch, and this one might just leave horror fans feeling a bit lonely on Nintendo's new console.

While Capcom has stated that it is interested in making games for Nintendo's upcoming console, it looks like Resident Evil VII isn't one of them. The Gamespot crew is reporting via Express Online that REVII producer Masachika Kawata has ruled out an appearance from the game on the Switch, saying the console is a "very unique piece of hardware" and adding that there are no current plans for the Resident Evil series to make its way to the device.

To be fair, Resident Evil VII comes out in like two days, a good month before the Switch even hits the market. It seems like any and all extra resources poured into the project went into making it fully playable in virtual reality, so we're not exactly surprised to hear that they weren't also working on a Switch version of the game.

And with REVII about to launch, it's not surprising that there are no current plans to bring the series to the Switch yet. By that we simply mean that they're probably waiting to see how this latest game, a huge departure from the series norm, does before they even think about the next Resident Evil game on any platform, let alone the switch.

And honestly, we'd rather have a horror game made with the Switch in mind rather than a game we can get elsewhere. That console is pretty unique, and we imagine some pretty cool things could be done with the genre if Nintendo's new hardware was kept in mind throughout development.

Still, that doesn't wash away the bad taste of having yet another developer talk about the Switch in a way that doesn't seem too optimistic. This is just the latest in a line of announcements involving games not coming to the Switch, which is kind of a bummer to hear when Nintendo's big issue this past generation was third party support.

Since the Switch launch window is light, folks have started asking developers directly what they might have in the works for the new console. Atlus has already stated that Persona 5 will not be making its way to the Switch, with Gearbox saying they don't see Borderlands 3 making the trip, either. The same goes for BioWare's Mass Effect: Andromeda, which is currently not slated to launch at any point on Nintendo's next console.

But, again, these are mostly big games already deep into development, so it's not exactly a shocker to hear they aren't heading to Nintendo's next console. Developers tend to wait and see if a console takes off before going full tilt into development for it so, if the Switch is a success, we doubt we'll see many more stories like these.

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