Here's What You Get In The For Honor Season Pass

For Honor
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Ubisoft's For Honor is rapidly approaching its release date, but ahead of the release (and ahead of the upcoming open beta) the publisher revealed what would be contained within the game's Season Pass for PC, PS4 and Xbox One gamers.

In a press release, Ubisoft revealed that the Season Pass will contain access to six all new hero classes for players to command in For Honor along with six all new elite outfits. The outfits and heroes will be available to Season Pass holders seven days ahead of their public release for everyone else.

There will also be a 30 day Champion Status buff given to Season Pass holders, where, when activated, there will be an additional XP bonus along with additional loot collected at the end of a match. The Champion Status effect will be included with the Day One War Pack as part of the Season Pass, granting players of For Honor access to three exclusive emblem outlines that can be used in the customization section, along with an exclusive sunbeam emote for all the hero classes and three scavenger crates with additional gear to loot.

Aside from the six heroes and their outfits, which will release in packs of two for every season following the game's release on February 14th, everything else within the Season Pass will be available on For Honor's launch day.

The seasonal content will be available across three seasons post-launch, this will include the new heroes, the new maps and new modes.

Ubisoft plans on including ranked modes and tournament play into For Honor's online ecosystem soon after it releases to help get it eSports ready.

Players will also be able to unlock additional content and gear using the in-game currency called Steel. Ubisoft will be using a similar DLC model to Rainbow Six: Siege for For Honor. The idea is to keep the multiplayer ecosystem intact while also growing the content and the opportunities to play the game in different ways.

The idea is that the new maps will also play a part in an overworld metagame where each of the three factions will be vying to control the world map, similar to the Galactic Conquest mode in the older Star Wars: Battlefront games. The world map metagame will also transcend the limitations of consoles and platforms, accounting all of the effort put into the game across PC, PS4, PS4 Pro and Xbox One to give gamers a reason to fight and fight hard to see their faction attempt to win over the world map.

Gamers who may have been skeptical of For Honor prior to release will be able to play-test the game, its modes, maps and heroes in an open-beta test starting next week, on February 9th, that runs through the weekend on February 12th, just two days removed from the launch of the game. You can register for the beta over on the official website.

For Honor centers around a three-way battle between Knights, Samurai and Vikings. Each faction has their own set of heroes with their own subset of skills. The game sports Dominion modes, deathmatch and even one-on-one Duels. There is also a single-player campaign mode that explores the machinations of Apollyon, who is pitting the three factions against each other.

You can look to get your hands on For Honor and the season pass starting February 14th. The Season Pass will be included in the special editions of the game or available for purchase as a standalone item.

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