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Resident Evil VII is making quite a splash, which means it's high time the survival horror game from Capcom gets eviscerated by the folks from Honest Game Trailers. Spoiler alert: It looks like they really liked it even though it scared the crap out of them.

The best thing about Honest Game Trailers is that they really live up to their name. If there's something rad in a bad video game, they're willing to point it out. And if they really like a game like The Last Guardian, they're equally unafraid to point out the game's less-than-stellar moments in hilarious fashion.

When it comes to Resident Evil VII, it's clear that they're with the vocal majority in terms of enjoying the hell out of the game, even if it did make them pee in their pants a little bit.

I've never heard the Resident Evil series described as "murdering your ass until you like it," but I think it's going to need to be added to a wiki somewhere.

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After making fun of the RE series' most recent outings, the trailer points out that all of the typical Resident Evil ingredients are here, but with the game shifting its focus to the first-person perspective. They make the obvious comparisons to Silent Hill, and perfectly paint the cast of baddies as a bunch of rejects from a Rob Zombie film. Yep, perfect.

The trailer eventually brings up the fact that every-damn-thing in the game likes to pop up and get really close to your face, which is exactly why you shouldn't play this game in PlayStation VR if you had a big lunch.

Thankfully, once the trailer hits its (literal) shotgun section of fact after fact after fact, they point out that there are definitely ties to the OG Resident Evil series in here, but they aren't going to spoil them for you. Obviously that goes beyond the silly puzzle doors, weapons just lying around, item management and green herbs, but we're happy that they decided to keep this one mostly spoiler free, which isn't always the case.

The folks at HGT call Resident Evil VII a surprisingly good horror game that they, along with pretty much everyone else, hope to see serve as a brand new start for a series that, let's face it, they'll probably mess up all over again somewhere down the line. But until then, at least we've got a reason to be excited about Resident Evil again.

We are, as ever, interested in hearing your thoughts on the game. Did you enjoy Resident Evil VII? Did Honest Game Trailers basically nail it? Let us know in the comments below.