Battlefield 1 Is Changing How Ammo Resupplies Work, Here's What's Happening

Battlefield 1
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DICE has taken a very, very different route to how ammo resupplies work in Battlefield 1. The result is Ammo Resupply 2.0, and they've explained how the new resupplies work and what's going to happen on the battlefield.

The post was detailed in a Reddit thread on the official sub for the Battlefield series. The post comes in as an official announcement from DICE, who explained that the new Ammo 2.0 feature will allow soldiers on the battlefield to have their equipment resupplied even when an ammo box is not directly placed on the ground.

Instead, they're turning the Support class into something akin to what they've done with Medics, where players can be healed even when a medkit isn't placed on the ground. This will allow Support class to passively help the resupply efforts of teammates.

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The goal is basically to keep Battlefield 1 players resupplied at all times through cooldown intervals. The idea is to ensure that players always have their gadgets supplied. An example is used in the post, where the DICE community rep states that with Ammo 2.0 two Assault units should be able to take down a tank more efficiently than three Assault units without Ammo 2.0.

The idea, according to DICE, is that this will keep small squads with a Support unit resupplied consistently and constantly throughout the battle, and therefore players will not run out of ammo for gadgets.

This new Ammo 2.0 is undergoing testing internally and will undergo public testing in the CTE depending on how discussions go within the community.

It's quite safe to say that the Battlefield 1 community was not amused.

The most upvoted comment in the thread is basically asking DICE how giving people a near infinite resupply of grenades with a passive buff would make the game more challenging. A lot of hardcore Battlefield 1 players aren't entirely thrilled with Ammo 2.0.

Many of the other comments are similar to the top comment, lamenting the amount of grenade spam in the game and how Ammo 2.0 would generally just reinforce this aspect of the game that they aren't particularly fond of.

The main issue is that a lot of people see this as catering to the more casual players who aren't very fond of teamwork.

Some people might question why this is a bad thing. Well, Battlefield usually separated itself from other shooters by being a lot harder and more team-oriented. Every class played a role on the field and everyone had to work well together in order to secure victory. A lot of people loved Battlefield for its more tactical take on first-person shooting, and the fact that resupplies and health were the sole jobs of the Support and Medic classes, forcing teams to adopt proper teamwork or fail.

Making resupplies more passive using Ammo 2.0 has a lot of people in the thread saying Battlefield is now turning into Call of Duty, and that it would ruin the teamwork experience. Keep in mind that most of the people posting in the Reddit thread are hardcore gamers. So it's hard to tell how well this feature would be received by more casual players. Right now DICE is garnering feedback on the feature, and if they get enough support it's likely that it will end up in Battlefield 1's community test environment.

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