Frank West Will Go Full Zombie In New Dead Rising 4 DLC

Frank West carries a bat and camera in Dead Rising 4

For those of you who can't get enough of bashing through hordes of zombies in Dead Rising 4, you'll be happy to know that the game's next piece of DLC is set to arrive in just a couple of weeks. Even better, it'll be story-driven and see the game's protagonist, Frank West, struggling to survive the zombie virus.

Up until this point in Dead Rising lore (it has what you would call "lore," right?) your main focus has been turning undead monsters into full-dead monsters. That usually boils down to gathering as many weapons as you can, bolting them together, then going to town on their undead hides.

In the latest DLC coming to Dead Rising 4 on April 4, you'll actually be infected with the zombie virus yourself, spurring Frank on to find a cure before he becomes a mindless shamble. And that kind of fits his ego perfectly, right? He's never really been interested in finding an end game for this whole undead apocalypse until he stands a chance of becoming a part of it himself.

According to a report from Gameinformer, this story-based DLC will pick up with Frank discovering that he has contracted the zombie virus. In order to survive, he'll need to discover a cure. Unfortunately, being infected with the zombie virus has some unfortunate side effects. For starters, Frank can no longer eat normal food to survive. In order to keep going strong, he's going to have to hunt down regular humans and chow down on their delicious flesh. The tradeoff is that he'll get some cool new abilities to help him along, though no details on what those new abilities will allow you to do have been revealed.

As noted above, this Frank Rising DLC is set to hit Dead Rising 4 on April 4 for $9.99 for the Xbox One and PC. If you happen to have picked up the game's season pass, then you'll be able to download the new content on April 4 at no additional cost.

Outside of the narrative content, a new minigame is also being added to Dead Rising 4 "soon" and, just like everything else in the game, It's delightfully bonkers. The mode is being called "Super Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf," even though it features a massive golf ball and insane golf shots across large levels. Ramps, power-ups, environmental hazards and the like will liven up this Dead Rising 4 golfing experience, perfect for distracting players from all of that zombie-slaying action. The mode will also feature goofy commentary as you play, special unlockable gear and the ability to play with up to three friends. While no release date has been set for the golf content, it looks like it'll set you back another $10 if you don't have the season pas.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.