The Four Great Movies That Inspired Prey

Prey promotional image

Prey is one of those games that wears its inspirations proudly on it its sleeve. In fact, the team at Bethesda is so proud of their inspirations that they're working to bring a movie event to Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas featuring four of the films that helped lead to the upcoming sci-fi shooter.

Obviously, the vast majority of what Prey has to offer comes from the talented folks at Bethesda, plugging away on the horror puzzler that lets you manipulate the laws of reality in order to take out some alien scum. But that doesn't mean that the team didn't draw inspiration and direction from previous genre efforts that have gotten the job done in a big way.

To that end, Gameinformer is reporting that Bethesda and Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas will be bringing four flicks to select cinemas that planted the creative seeds that eventually led to Prey. These movies include MOON, Starship Troopers, Total Recall and The Matrix. Based on the trailers for Prey alone, it's easy to see why this collection of sci-fi hits is being credited for its impact on the game. Everything except for Starship Troopers deals with the dangers of technology in a way that truly screws with your mind. As for Troopers, the way that alien oil stuff moves sure does remind me a heck of a lot of some of the bug menaces from that particular film.

Rather than chance spoiling some of these flicks for folks who haven't seen them yet, I'll instead encourage everyone to see if there's an Alamo chain theater in your neck of the woods in order to schedule some fun movie-going activities. This quartet of films will be shown from April 4-27, with showtimes varying. You can either go to a screening of each film as you feel so inclined, or you can purchase tickets for all four at once and net yourself a rad Prey poster in the process. You'll want to check out the promotion's official website to be sure on theater locations, times, pricing, etc.

As a special bonus at some locations, Bethesda will be on hand at certain times in Austin, San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York with consoles set up and running Prey. So when you're not glued to the movie screen, you could be turning into a coffee cup (no, really) or shooting mysterious monsters while trying to avoid being sucked into the hollow black death of space. While there, you'll be able to sign up for your chance to win a Prey-themed PlayStation 4 or Xbox One console.

This seems like a pretty great collaboration to us, and we'd be interested to know if any of our readers are planning on attending. Let us know in the comments below.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.