Conan O'Brien Gets Angry With VR In The Newest Clueless Gamer Video

A new Clueless Gamer segment has popped up with Conan O'Brien, and this time the late night talk show host and comedian decided to take a tour of the world of virtual reality. But, things don't quite turn out as well as one might have hoped.

The seven minute video was posted up over on the official Team CoCo YouTube channel. Conan is no stranger to VR, and he had a bit of test-run of it before when he managed to get in some game time on Job Simulator and a few other tech demos.

This time around, Conan was introduced to the Oculus Rift game, Wilson's Heart. Peter Weller of Robocop fame voices the main character, but he certainly doesn't sound quite as recognizable as you might remember. He changes things up to fit the persona of a 63-year-old man chained up in a hospital, and Conan quips "Boy, he doesn't sound good."

The age of the character is something Conan also berates throughout the experience, noting that the whole point of VR is supposed to be taking you to magical fantasy lands and you're supposed to be "having sex!" but he gets frustrated with the Oculus Rift title for throwing you back into an homage to black and white monster flicks from the early days of cinema.

Conan doesn't bother even trying to play the game. He fumbles around with the magically respawning clipboards, attempts to open boxes in the medicine cabinet, and tries to get the balls to swing back and forth on Newton's Cradle.

Conan eventually remarks that he's not even doing whatever it is he's supposed to be doing. When his sidekick Aaron asks him what he thought the scariest part of the game was, Conan jokes that it seemed like a hospital in the future without Obamacare.

They eventually get to an action sequence where Conan must defeat an octopus monster, but ends up spending a ton of time trying to throw some sort of toaster machine into its mouth.

At the end of the experience, Conan jokes that while the game is well put together it was basically his life in 20 years, where he'll be old, fumbling around, seeing in monochrome and being horribly uncoordinated.

If the object of the segment was to convince people to buy the game, the segment did a terrible job of it. Conan didn't seem all that impressed, Peter Weller didn't seem all too enthused voicing the character, and the segment made it difficult to understand what you actually do in the game.

More than anything it seems to be a sign that VR still has a ways to go when it comes to capturing the attention of casual gamers. Perhaps Aaron should have convinced Conan to play Resident Evil 7 in VR? It's definitely one of the few games that actually puts some effort into making the VR experience feel thrilling.

If you're interested in Wilson's Heart for the Oculus Rift, you can pick it up right now from the Oculus Store.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.