Job Simulator Meets Overwatch Is The Game Mash-Up We Didn't Know We Needed

Owlchemy Labs decided to have a bit of fun with their game Job Simulator, the virtual reality title for VR headsets. The game was recently on the receiving end of a mash-up from the developer where they combined it with Blizzard's Overwatch.

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The video of the mash-up was posted up over on the official Twitter account of Owlchemy Labs' Zi Ye, one of the designers currently working on the Rick and Morty game after previously having worked on Job Simulator.

The video starts with the disembodied hands in a cubicle picking up an Overwatch disc. Blizzard's mascot character Tracer can clearly be seen on the front of the Blu-ray. After carefully placing the disc into the disc drive the Overwatch action music starts playing and the announcer's voice comes on.

From there things get absolutely ridiculous. The player-character grabs a stapler with a Reaper symbol on it. They place the stapler inside of a copying machine and then copy the stapler so that there are two of them. You probably already know where things are going from here.

The player takes the two staplers, holding them like Reaper's twin shotguns from Overwatch, and begins peeping around the cubicle corners while a scroll bar on the back wall reads "Protect The Payload", a common phrase uttered during Overwatch's Escort missions.

They proceed to start using the office supplies as iconic weapons and gadget's from Blizzard's title, including a barrier made of sausages, a makeshift canister gun that substitutes for Widowmaker's sniper rifle, as well as a surge protector being used as a zip-line to get across the office.

The mini-event events after the player freezes one of the robots and then uses two more staple guns to blast down another robot, all while the mail cart gets to the finish line.

It's crazy but a shooting game based around the office supplies of Job Simulator could actually work. It looked like a ton of fun and it was also pretty funny to boot.

A lot of people also mentioned on Ye's feed that the mod for Job Simulator looked great, peppering him with plenty of questions about when he's going to release it to the general public. However, Ye notes that he won't be releasing it to the public at all. It was basically just a weekend experiment to see if he could get it to work.

That's not to mention that adding in copyrighted material based on Blizzard's Overwatch brand would require a heck of a lot of legal hoop-jumping in order to get the feature added to the casual VR simulator. It's likely not worth the hassle.

However, it would be cool if Ye decided to finish the mode but change the name, images and sounds so it's not a direct rip-off of Overwatch. It could even be called something derivative like Officewatch or something, and use similar sounds, music and themes without directly ripping off of Blizzard's popular FPS title.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.