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One Of The Dreamcast's Strangest Games May Be Getting A Sequel

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The spirit of the Sega Dreamcast appears to be alive and well, as one of the ill-fated console's most bizarre games (and that's saying a lot for the Dreamcast library) looks to be getting a sequel: Seaman.

The Dreamcast, as a game console, was a star that simply burned too bright and too quickly. The hardware was a bit ahead of its time, and its library was one of a kind. From classics titles like Crazy Taxi, Jet Grind Radio and Skies of Arcadia to offbeat gems like Illbleed, Project Justice and Space Channel 5, there was a little something for everyone on Sega's final home console. The Dreamcast was especially well known for is more bizarre offerings, though, and you don't get much more bizarre than the 1999 classic, Seaman.

We already knew that another Dreamcast series, Shenmue, is getting a fresh entry thanks to Kickstarter, and even Sonic Forces seems to be trying to rekindle those special Dreamcast feelings, but I don't think anyone expected to ever see Seaman make a triumphant return. But according to a recent Tweet from developer Yoot Saito, it appears that is exactly what we're getting.

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The Tweet is only cryptic in the lightest sense of the word. In it, Saito states that his team appears to be working on a new project alongside a picture of the team wearing shirts that very clearly show off the Seaman logo and motto, "Don't Panic!" That's accompanied by a link to a website featuring a banner that, according to the folks over at Polygon, reads "Seaman Artificial Intelligence Laboratory." The site states that it is under construction, and that's about it.

As was brought up in the original post, Saito informed Wired last year that he and his team were working on a new project because they...well, they needed to make money. He stated at the time that new games are always a more risky venture and hinted that he wanted to work on a new entry on a familiar series.

Today, it appears we have confirmation that Seaman was the series he was referencing. Given the timing, we wouldn't be surprised to see this new game pop up at E3, or even Tokyo Game Show at the end of summer. The only question now is, where will we be able to play it? If Nintendo really wants to set its Switch console apart from the pack, we think something like this would be a perfect fit. Then again, maybe the team wants the new Seaman game to come out on as many platforms as seamanly possible, so who knows?

While Seaman got an official sequel already, it didn't release outside of Japan. We have a feeling that won't be the case for this new offering.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.