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The second chapter in the Guardians of the Galaxy saga from Telltale Games is nearly upon us so, to get ready, the developer has prepared a nice little trailer to set the stage. Get ready for Nebula and Rocket Raccoon to take center stage.

Since Guardians of the Galaxy is a thing that exists, of course there is an ongoing Telltale series based on the popular property. These guys have covered everything from Batman and Game of Thrones to The Walking Dead and Jurassic Park, so we figure a little explosive action in outer space isn't too tall of an order for them to fill.

And, while many of you have likely played through the first Guardians chapter at this point, the second in the five-part series -- called Under Pressure -- is set to arrive today, June 6. If you're interested in learning more about the adventures that await, the above trailer is a good place to start.

The opening is actually pretty hilarious. It begins with Star-Lord being impaled by a rather nasty and impressive spear. A mysterious vision of a woman tells him to come find her, at which point he wakes up seemingly from death's door and says "Holy shit." The entire crew is terrified of this turn of phrase, going so far as to call him a "foul-mouthed demon."

Anyway, this whole ordeal revolves around a mysterious glowing object that's covered in glyphs. It turns out the team is going to have to turn to Nebula if they want to have those glyphs translated and, if you have seen the Guardians movies, you know there are some strained familial ties that will be getting in the way.

The trailer then jumps to what appears to be another big focus of the second chapter, Rocket's backstory. We get a glimpse of an evil doctor and a talking otter, which is probably going to be the most precious thing you see in a video game this year.

As Telltale promised, though, your choices are going to be pretty massive this time around. Right in the middle of the trailer it shows you will have the option to go to Halfworld and learn more about Rocket or head on a journey to locate Nebula. We don't know if you're stuck with one or the other or if you're simply picking the order here, but the former would certainly make Guardians worth playing a second time through. Either way, it certainly looks like some explosive fun direct from the Marvel universe.

So, that's left me wondering: Have any of our readers played through the first chapter yet? What did you think? Is it something all fans of the Guardians should jump on or do you need a run through the second chapter before offering a recommendation? Let us know in the comments below.

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