Beyond Good And Evil 2 Is Real, And It Looks Amazing

Ubisoft made a surprise announcement during the end of the press conference where Beyond Good & Evil 2 was officially announced, complete with a cinematic trailer giving gamers a look at the dynamic, multi-cultural world that the team at Ubisoft designed. Despite being the second game in the series, it's actually a prequel, and it looks phenomenal.

The Ubisoft creative director on the game, Michel Ancel, walks gamers through some of the nuances, details and references utilized throughout the E3 2017 trailer, starting with the pig boss making a brief mention of "Pey'j" when he first sees the golden statue that the monkey pushes in front of him.

According to Ancel, Pey'j refers to a form of divinity within the world of Beyond Good & Evil. For those of you who played the first game, Pey'j is the pig that accompanies Jade on her journeys throughout the game world.

The trailer features the hybrid monkey creature Knox (or Nox?) as he makes a daring escape from the lair of the pig and makes use of his jetpack to get out of the area. This cinematic sequence might seem like it's made to just look cool, but according to Ancel players will be able to actually utilize the jetpack to make hasty escapes or scale through the environment.

According to Ancel, there will be various moments in the game to partake in verticality in order to traverse the environments. Now apparently the teammate of Knox who rides on the flying motorcycle thing is named Shauni. This name was used in the original Beyond Good & Evil and was regarded supposedly as a powerful entity or deity within the lore of the world. According to the game's Wiki page, the whole subplot involving the Shauni is left unresolved by the end of the first game, so it's possible we could get more information and story threads that link the prequel with the original.

Ancel explains that vehicles play a big part in the game and that these features will be very important for the multiplayer aspect of the game.

In the full game, Ancel explains that there will be some destructible environments within certain locations. He says that they can't have the entire city to be destructible but there will be certain parts of certain cities that can be destroyed.

Additionally, they mention that there will be various ships that can be explored along with different areas of space that can be explored.

The trailer ends with a mysterious woman who puts a disk into a skull wheel that pops up a map. And we then learn from Ancel that the woman who puts the disk in the skull has some sort of connection to Jade from the original Beyond Good & Evil. Her eyes would certainly imply that's the case.

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