5 Reasons The Beyond Good And Evil Sequel Needs To Happen

When I first played Beyond Good And Evil, it was years after its release and I felt I had stumbled upon a real gem. At the time, I was playing on some crappy Asus laptop I had bought for myself in college just so I could have some sort of of PC gaming available to me. It ran games like Team Fortress 2 and Counterstrike at low qualities. But I was most proud of being able to play Beyond Good And Evil, even though it chugged and lagged. My dedication was fierce. There are so many reasons the sequel for Beyond Good And Evil needs to happen, but I’ve taken the time to highlight five of the most important.


1. Open-World

In past reports about the upcoming title, creator Michel Ancel has said that the sequel plans on offering travel between cities and even between different planets. Ancel has said they wanted to do this in the first game, but there just wasn’t enough manpower and time to put it together. Perhaps this is one of the biggest aspects of the sequel that is holding the game back? Regardless, having an open world in Beyond Good And Evil 2 would add to all levels of the story in the game. While you could somewhat travel around in the first game, it wasn’t as ambitious as I think Ancel wanted it to be. The second installment would be the best opportunity to perfect the open-world map and truly make it a journey of a lifetime.


2. Lovable Characters

While playing through Beyond Good And Evil, I became very attached to both Jade and Pey’j. Jade had an edge I really enjoyed and felt like more than just a female protagonist. Instead, she felt more like a real person, like someone I could befriend in real life. Pey’j, I mean who couldn’t like Pey’j? He was the comic relief in the first game and probably one of the best characters in the game next to Jade. He’s lovable and flawed and cracks a joke every chance he gets. What’s interesting is Pey’j looks much more hardcore and badass in the released screenshots from when Beyond Good And Evil 2 seemed to be on schedule. So I am wondering if they will change his character at all? With how important he was to the balance of the personalities in-game, I doubt they will. These two were a real pair, though, and I think Ubisoft owes fans a return to the unforgettable duo.


3. A Timeless and Original Story

Of course I am going to talk about the story. While there isn’t really any information on the story in Beyond Good And Evil 2, we can still go off of the story from the first Beyond Good And Evil. The story had the makings of a Disney Pixar movie. A caring and spontaneous woman who isn’t afraid to fight for what’s right takes a stance against a damaging corporation to save her planet from total destruction, along with her trusty sidekick, Pey’j. I mean seriously, how hasn’t this been made into a Disney Pixar movie yet? The story in the first game was captivating and action-packed and full of heart-wrenching sentiment. There were laughs and moments of sadness and fear, and sometimes I felt like I really was watching a movie. I know Michel Ancel has danced around the idea that he wants this sequel to live up to the first game, but let me tell you, if the story and characters are just as witty and enjoyable as the first game, everything else will come together. But then again, I guess for me it’s all about the story.


4. Virtual Reality

Within just the past year, an interest in virtual reality has skyrocketed across the country. Now some companies are talking about building VR arcades and VR theme parks. Hell, there’s a VR gameplay center at one of my local malls where people wait in line to try out a game in virtual reality. Now this is all speculation, but maybe Ubisoft is considering making Beyond Good And Evil 2 VR compatible? Just wondering about this possibility opens a whole new door of questions. And it also creates a lot of excitement. Just given the times that we live in and how much has changed since Beyond Good And Evil 2 announced in 2008, it’s now a viable option to think about when considering a new title. I mean back in 2008, social media wasn’t as big, I had just graduated high school, VR was just a dream and the PS4 and Xbox One didn’t even exist yet.


5. A Legacy

I believe the Beyond Good And Evil series is sort of like a hidden legacy. Whereas Crash Bandicoot is an openly legendary and popular title that fans are still pouring over today, I believe Beyond Good And Evil is riding that same wave. While I’m not sure we’ll ever get another Crash Bandicoot game (I’m still in the “denial” stage), there is still hope for Beyond Good And Evil. I feel the series could grow to be unforgettable, life-altering and a beacon of nostalgia. I believe Ubisoft has this duty to carry out this legacy, to complete Beyond Good And Evil 2 and to relinquish a truly unique and inspirational tale.